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  • 【MATERIALS AND ACCESSORIES】Our durable bird nesting box is made of natural pine wood. The wood is strong and gives the birds a natural sense of security with the aroma of wood. Provide a warm and comfortable nest for birds to rest and play in. While providing a comfortable nesting site for your birds, it also comes equipped with woven rattan balls, colorful stands and skateboards to add fun to your parrots.
  • 【SIZE AND RANGE】Bird Nesting Box Size: 7.8*7.8*10.2 inches (L*W*H). Suitable for parrots, parakeets, finches, canaries, hummingbirds, lovebirds and other small birds. Please confirm the size before placing the order!
  • 【ENCOURAGE NATURAL BREEDING】Parakeet breeding boxes are comfortable homes for nesting, mating and raising young parakeets. It helps birds train their nesting skills and encourages natural breeding behavior. You can put grass in the box to give your pet a warm and cozy nest.Drawer opening for easy cleaning and removal of bedding. In addition, we provide enough bird toys for the birds to increase their activities. This bird nest for cage is perfect for your parakeet to rest and nest.
  • 【UNIQUE DESIGN】The right of the parakeet nest box can be opened for cleaning and bedding replacement. Built-in baffle prevents the egg from rolling and protects the egg. The opening is covered with metal, which is smooth and more convenient for birds to enter and leave. There’s a post below the hole for the birds to stand on. Bolt lock beautiful shape arc design is not easy to fall off, can be firmly installed in the cage or outside the cage. You can easily hang this wooden parakeet cabin.
  • 【DIY PERSONALIZED ELEMENTS】The Parakeet Nesting Box is all wood colored, and you can paint on them with your imagination to create a unique cage for your pet. Not only for the birds, but also to decorate the room.

Product Description

kathson is a company specializing in pet products.We mainly provide a variety of products for turtles, rabbits, hamsters, birds, lizards and other small animals, rodents and reptiles.We are committed to accompany your pet healthy growth.

Why choose kathson Parakeet Nesting Box and toys?

  1. Solid wood and metal combination, strong and durable, beautiful and simple, will not hurt the bird.
  2. The box opens and closes easily for viewing and cleaning the nest.
  3. Easy installation, put the two screws into the cage mouth, into the gasket, and finally tighten the two nuts to complete the installation.
  4. Rotating ladder toys help birds move and improve their balance, thus preventing pets from getting bored. It also can reshape the length and diameter of the coils.
  • Bird Nesting Box Size: 7.8*7.8*10.2 inches (L*W*H) (opening 6.3 inches)
  • Package:1 x Parakeet Nesting Box

Made of natural pine imported from Russia

Do not add paint

Smooth surface

The texture is clear

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