Ogioxam Bird Heater, Thermostatical Bird Warmer for Parakeets, IP67 Waterproof Bird Accessories and Supplies, 12V

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  • 【Essential bird cage accessories in winter】. Even in cold weather, the bird cage heater will be kept at 107℉(42℃), to provide comfortable warmth for parrots to snuggle up.
  • 【Humanistic design bird warmer】. You can judge whether the heater for cage works normally by the LED indicator.
  • 【IP67 Waterproof】. This parakeet heater is easy to clean. Even when it is powered on, it can be washed with water.
  • 【Moderate size】. The size of the parakeet warmer is 5.4" x 5.4", suitable for most small and medium-sized parakeets such as budgies, cockatiels.
  • 【High-quality parakeet supplies】. Metal shell, stainless steel accessories, and the cords are protected by stainless steel hose. This bird warmer for cage will not be destroyed by parrots.

Product Description

Ogioxam's heating pad is specially designed for avian. It is popular among parrot owners

It is what your parrots need

  • Traditional heating lamp is characterized by high voltage, high temperature and high power. It may scald pets and even cause fire. In fact, these products may be suitable for other pets, but not friendly to birds.
  • This warmer is characterized by low voltage, constant temperature control, low power and easy cleaning. The size is suitable for budgies, cockatiels, conure and other similar size parakeets.

Why 107℉
  • The body temperature of avian is about 102-107°F, which is about 3-8°F higher than that of humans. Clearly, birds need more warmth.
  • Therefore, ogioxam's product has a pre-set temperature of 107°F, which is higher than other similar products, but is required by birds.

stable at 107℉

A microcontroller inside the heater. Very precise temperature control

  • Temperature ≥ 107℉, Automatically stop working.
  • Temperature ≤ 105℉, Automatically start working.

Lots of outstanding advantages

IP67 waterproof

Can rinse in water when you wash the cage.

LED indicator

Easy to check if it is working.

Rounded edges

Prevent pet birds from being injured.

Place the warmer next to a perch, so your pet birds can snuggle up for warmth


Dimension 5.4" x 5.4" x 0.87"
Max power 12 watts
Pre-Set temperature 105-107℉
Electrical information 12 Volts (adapter included)

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