SMIRLY Bamboo Cutting Boards for Kitchen - Bamboo Cutting Board Set, Chopping Board Set - Wood Cutting Board Set with Holder - Wooden Cutting Board Set (Large & Small)

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  • ✅Add Simplicity and Convenience to Your Life - Our kitchen cutting board set and bamboo cooking utensils will save you time and add so much functionality to your kitchen. At Smirly, we craft superior quality bamboo cutting boards for kitchen convenience and loaded them with beneficial features including non-slip feet, easy grip handles, and a built-in juice groove. Our organic bamboo cutting board set, and complimentary utensils are built to last.
  • ✅Safety, Functionality, and Longevity - Our easy to clean, thick cutting boards with non-skid edges grip counters and remain in place. Smirly`s wooden chopping boards for kitchen use offer extreme durability and strength. This large bamboo cutting board set includes a variety of boards from small to large, as well as 6 matching bamboo kitchen utensils. We even added an attractive wooden storage holder for a tidy workspace.
  • ✅Less Work and No Worries - Handy food icons help you easily identify your meat cutting board, bread, fruit, and vegetable board. Juice grooves catch excess liquid protecting your counters and workspace. Side handles are ergonomic and easy to grip. A host of great features make your time in the kitchen stress-free and fun. Bamboo resists nicks and gouges where juices collect, enabling superior health, sanitation, and easy cleaning. A low maintenance wood for a user-friendly experience.
  • ✅Bountiful Benefits of Bamboo - You'll feel great about purchasing an earth friendly material that is properly sourced and highly renewable. Bamboo is nonporous and resists liquid so it won't bend, warp, crack, absorb odor, or stain. This hardwood is extremely strong and resists knife scarring. A truly low maintenance wood for a user-friendly experience. Appreciate the benefits while admiring the natural beauty and rich colors.
  • ✅Smirly Offers Variety, Value, and Versatility - Our butcher block premium bundle set features 6 matching bamboo utensils and 4 differently sized boards for all your food prep, chopping, tossing, and serving needs. Arrives in an attractive box that is ready for gifting. Our aesthetically pleasing and durable accessories are a must-have for every kitchen.

Product Description

Bamboo Is An Excellent Material For Cutting Boards

When it comes to cutting boards there are no shortage of options - plastic, flexible mats, wood, granite, glass, silicone, and more. Most will get the job done but fall short in many other areas. Our Bamboo Cutting Boards check all the boxes. They're durable, low maintenance, renewable, water resistant, and resistant to cuts, nicks, and scrapes.

A Cutting Board For All Your Meal Prepping Tasks

Would you want to use a giant chopping board just to cut up a few vegetables for a soup you're making? Or trying to slice a prime rib on a tiny cutting board? You should have different size cutting boards for all your prep work, and with this set you will. You'll receive four cutting boards: 15 x 10 Inch, 13 x 9 Inch, 11 x 8 Inch, and 9 x 6 Inch.

Includes A Variety Of Popular Cooking Utensils

All cooks need a few key utensils in their pantry. We provide you with six that you'll use all of the time to whip together mouthwatering meals. Every set includes a Spatula, Flat Spatula, Slotted Spoon, Slotted Spatula, and Salad Tosser. These premium cooking tools are made from the same natural bamboo as the cutting boards.

High-End Cooking Set Makes A Great Gift

Racking your brain trying to think of a gift to give to a special someone in your life? Do they enjoy cooking? If so, this professional set of cutting boards and kitchen utensils is a gift that is sure to be a hit. It's an excellent gift for a Baby or Bridal Shower, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Housewarming Party, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

You'll Love The Food Icons We Added

When you receive these chopping boards, you'll notice a little icon on the top left corner of each board. There's a Fish, Banana, Bread, and Tomato. These icons are so helpful when you're prepping food. Slicing chicken? Grab the Fish and Meat Board. Cutting fresh homemade bread? Use the Bread Board. These icons take all of the guesswork out of what board is best for the task at hand.

Ergonomic Side Handle For An Easy Grip

Most cutting boards do not have cutouts on the sides, so picking them up off the counter can be challenging. Imagine having to balance a charcuterie board that took you hours to put together using one hand? Our bamboo chopping boards have convenient cutout handles on the sides, making them easy to carry.

Juices & Liquids Won't Drip Onto Your Counter

Even when you let your meat rest after cooking or grilling it, juices are still going to seep out onto your cutting board. If your board does not have juice grooves, you run the risk of those juices ending up all over your counter, clothes, and floor. Not ideal. All of our bamboo boards have deep juice grooves around the perimeter to collect those liquids.

Superior Cutting Boards That Are Built to Last

You know those kitchen items that get passed down and seem to almost get better with age? That's what we envision when designing all of our products. We're so proud of the quality and craftsmanship of the tools in this set, that we’ll replace them when needed and ensure a Lifetime of satisfaction.

What’s Included (4) Cutting Boards - 15 x 10 Inch, 13 x 9 Inch, 11 x 8 Inch, 9 x 6 Inch; (1) Cutting Board Holder; (6) Assorted Kitchen Utensils; (1) Bamboo Wood Cutting Board - 17 x 12 x 1 Inch (1) Cheese Board (1) Fruit Tray (1) Wine Opener (1) Cheeseboard Guide (2) Ceramic Sauce Bowls (2) White Markers (2) Black Slate Labels (4) Small Forks (4) Steel Knives (1) Cheese Board w/ Side Drawers (1) Fruit Tray (1) Cheeseboard Guide (1) Black Stone Plate (3) Ceramic Sauce Bowls (4) Knives & Utensils (1) Cheese Board (1) Fruit Tray (1) Cheeseboard Guide (2) Ceramic Sauce Bowls (2) Chalk Markers (2) Black Slate Labels (4) Knives & Utensils
Material Natural Bamboo Natural Bamboo Natural Bamboo Wood Ceramic Stainless Steel Slate Natural Bamboo Wood Ceramic Stainless Steel Stone Natural Bamboo Wood Ceramic Stainless Steel Slate
Features Food Icons on Boards; Deep Juice Grooves; Side Handles; Non-Slip Design; Deluxe Size; Double-Sided; Side Handles; Deep Juice Grooves; Slip Resistant; Thoughtfully Designed Makes Entertaining Easy Loads of Useful Accessories Thoughtfully Designed Makes Entertaining Easy Loads of Useful Accessories Thoughtfully Designed Makes Entertaining Easy Loads of Useful Accessories
Makes a Great Gift

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