Small Bird Swing Toys, 6 PCS Parrots Chewing Natural Wood and Rope Bungee Bird Toy for Anchovies, Parakeets, Cockatiel, Conure, Mynah, Macow and Other Small Birds

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  • 🐦 PACKAGE INCLUDE: This birdcage toy consists of 6 pieces, 2 different types of birds swinging bird squid hanging swing toys, 2 chew toys, 2 hanging toys, to meet your various needs for bird parrots. Musical instrument toy
  • 🐦 PERFECT DESIGN: almost meets the natural needs of all birds, allowing most birds to exercise and strengthen their muscles, suitable for anchovies, parakeets, parrots, parrots, conure, mynah, macaw, medium and small birds, and many small animal hamsters, mice, gerbils, rats.
  • 🐦 100% SAFE: Small bird toys are made from food-grade colors and naturally non-toxic wood, 100% safe and fun birds to play with. Parrot chew toys help your bird's feet rest, rope rubber bands can help your birds exercise and improve their balance, they also bring you a lot of fun.
  • 🐦 EASY TO INSTALL: All parakeet cage accessories toy come with an active hook that simply attaches to the top of the pet cage for easy installation. It can be easily installed in almost any cage and can provide hours of fun every day.
  • 🐦 GREAT DESIGN: The set includes different types of bird toys such as stand, chewing, etc. It meets the different needs of birds and is the perfect gift for pet birds. It is suitable for Thanksgiving, Christmas and many more.

Product Description

Chew Toys

The colorful soft rope bite bird toy is the perfect pendant in the cage. Suitable for anchovies, parakeets, parrots, cockatiel, conure, mynah, macow, medium and small birds, as well as many small animals hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats.

Colorful String

Wooden bite parrot bird toy Green paint colorful birdcage accessories, colored rattan ball bite string, climbing claws. The toys are made natural wood + non-toxic ABS materials, 100% safe and fun for birds to play.

Bird Perch

Bungees promote and help to develop birds' coordination and balance skills. And the bungees allow you to reshape the length and diameter of the coils, you can change the shape of it, it take your bird a lot of fun.

Bell Bird Toys

As we all know, parrots like colorful, colorful toys. Our products are made of colored acrylic beads and bells. The styles are simple and exquisite. The colors are bright and beautiful. It is the best choice for parrots to bite and grind. It is very popular among small and medium-sized parrots.


The size of the toy is manually measured. Due to factors such as measurement tools and measurement methods, there will be slight errors. Please refer to the actual condition of the bird cage pendant.

The products are taken in kind, the color is closest to the physical tile, due to some differences in color contrast and color temperature of the computer monitor.

Package List

1 x Bird Perch

1 x Parrot swing

1 x Colorful String

1 x Chew Toys

1 x Hanging ling toys

1 x Cave ball cage pendant

Natural Wood
Bird Large/Small Small Large/Small

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