BUZBE Colony 28 Modular Tackle Box, Customizable Waterproof Tackle Box, Dry Box, Plastic Storage Organizer Box, Saltwater Tackle Box, Parts Box, Grey and Yellow

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  • Waterproof Gasket
  • Customizable HEXLOK Grid System
  • Industrial-Strength
  • No Travel Internal Bins – Keeps your contents where you put them
  • Rust Preventative – Special plastic additive emits a harmless vapor that prevents rust of contents.

Product Description

BUZBE Colony Modular Tackle Boxes

BUZBE Colony Features

Industrial Strength and it Floats

  • Over-Engineered with Industrial Plastic and 316 Stainless Steel trim
  • Impact resistant, clear lid is made from the same material as bullet proof glass - *NOT Intended to stop bullets*
  • Huge armored battleships float and so do our boxes!

Waterproof and UV Protective

  • Airtight Gasket keeps water and dust out
  • UV additives mixed into the plastic keeps your lid clear while preventing yellowing or fading

Quik-Pop Latches

  • Warrantied no-break latches
  • Latches are designed to “pop” up and away from the lid in one quick motion

Modular "No-Travel" Internal Bins

  • Protective ribs on the lid create an interlocking seal between the lid and bins. The interlocking seal prevents smaller contents from moving to other bins.
  • Modular bins allows you to truly customize the inside layout

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Compatible with Colony 15 & Colony 28 Colony 15 & Colony 28 Colony 15 & Colony 28 Colony 15 & Colony 28 Colony 15 & Colony 28
Inside Dimensions (inch) 1.6" x 1.6" 1.6" x 3.56" 1.6" x 5.5" 1.6" x 7.5" 3.56" x 3.56"

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