ISOPHO Outdoor Picnic Blanket Extra Large, Machine Washable Fold Camping Blanket, 3-Layer Sand Proof and Waterproof Picnic Mat, 67“X 79” Portable Blanket for Camping, Park, Beach, Hiking, Family

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  • 1.Oversized picnic mat: 67’’ X 79’’ size outdoor picnic mat is suitable for 4-6 people to use together and gives you enough space for picnic food and other supplies. It comes with a special tote bag to carry the mat around easily. This portable picnic mat is very suitable for picnic, camping, and hiking with family and friends.
  • 2. Waterproof and sand-proof: The picnic mat adopts a double-sided waterproof design, which allows you to easily dispose of the physical residues on the picnic mat. Unlike the previous wool blanket, if the sand accidentally falls on it, you can swing the picnic mat to clean it quickly. If you think it is not clean enough, you can wipe it with paper towels or put it in the washing machine for washing.
  • 3.Soft and machine washable: The middle interlayer is thick omitted hollow. The material is soft and fluffy, comfortable, and breathable. In the fluffy state, the thickness can reach 6mm. The special material does not contain strong chemical odors, and the baby can feel at ease on it. Outdoor picnic mats can be washed in the washing machine many times, and the materials will not separate and break after washing.
  • 4. Ultrasonic technology: Ultrasonic stitching firmly strengthens the three layers of materials, so that the hollow cotton in the middle is always evenly distributed and not displaced. Therefore they cannot slide, preventing slipping, thereby maximizing safety. There is no stitched seam, water will not penetrate from the surface and bottom of the waterproof picnic mat, so when you use it on the grass or beach, you don’t have to worry about the water getting the picnic mat wet.
  • 5. Multi-purpose: The overall weight of the waterproof picnic mat is only 1.96 pounds. Our oversized picnic mat can be used in multiple scenarios such as beach mats, camping blankets, RV blankets, emergency blankets, floor mats, children's play mats, and pet seat covers. If you are not satisfied with this outdoor blanket, please feel free to contact us!

Product Description

ISOPHO specializes in outdoor product production for 10 years. ISOPHO picnic blanket is the latest generation of products we launched, its performance is better than traditional foam picnic mat. Anti-stab, skin-friendly, and machine washable are all things traditional picnic mats cannot. ISOPHO picnic mat will bring you a comfortable picnic experience.

Comfortable & Skin Friendly

The ISOPHO picnic blanket is made of comfortable polyester taffeta fabric, the surface is soft to the touch, and it will be very comfortable to contact with the skin. The interlayer thickened hollow cotton is soft and fluffy and uses sound wave technology to strengthen the inside and make it more evenly distributed. Baby will spend a happy time on it.

Waterproof and Sand Proof

ISOPHO outdoor blanket is 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the moisture on the ground when you have a picnic. The sand won't stick to the mat, just shake it lightly and it's gone.


The bottom has a high-strength nylon layer, which is truly stab-resistant. Don't worry that it will be easily punctured by branches like a traditional foam picnic mat.

Hand Washable and Machine Washable

There is no need to worry about jam or juice remaining on the picnic blanket after the picnic. The ISOPHO picnic mat can be washed by hand or machine. It is a new picnic mat after washing and can be reused many times.


The picnic mat comes with a small bag. You can fold up the picnic mat and put it in the small bag. You can easily carry it on your shoulders or carry it by hand for a picnic. It does n’t take up much space in the car

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