Balaclava Ski Mask - Cold Weather Full Face Mask with Breathable Air Vents for Men & Women - Fleece Hood Ninja Snow Gear for Skiing, Snowboarding, Motorcycle Riding, Running & Winter Outdoor Sports

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  • Everything Proof: For those painfully cold days that leave your face red and numb (but not numb enough to ease the freeze), there’s the Balaclava Airmask. Designed for extreme cold — and we’re talking sub-zero chills — it will fend off all the harsh elements from wind and sleet to UV rays, so you can be comfortable and protected, even in bone-chilling weather.
  • Fog Free: It may be warm as can be, but our winter ski mask is deceptively lightweight and breathable. You can count on its mesh and rubber center panel to allow air to pass in and out of your mask so that your breath and sweat will exit the premises before you feel any moisture against your skin — and before your goggles or glasses fog up.
  • All-day Comfort: Featuring four-way stretch, our cold weather face mask goes with the flow when you get moving. It’s designed with 89% soft, flexible polar fleece polyester and 11% spandex and stretches to accommodate all head sizes comfortably. Designed with a long neck that tucks into your jacket, you won’t have to worry about readjusting while you’re out on the slopes.
  • High and Dry: The rubber and mesh breathing panel isn’t the only thing keeping the inside of your mask dry all day. Designed with moisture wicking, breathable thermal fleece, our winter balaclava locks in the warmth but prevents moisture from accumulating.
  • Helmet-ready: Your go-to cold weather gear just got a lot more streamlined — our mask can be worn on its own as a full balaclava, or under your work, ski, or bike helmet as a low profile and comfortable helmet liner.

Product Description

Ultimate Adventure Partner

Make this balaclava your adventure partner. Keep frostbite, sunburn and every other monstrous condition off your face. Stay safe and comfortable even with the chilliest of winds pelting your face.

Tough Balaclava Ski Mask with Air Vents

Endure frigid temperatures and harsh winter conditions with this balaclava face mask. The rubber mouth panel allows air in and out without fogging up your goggles. Perfect for skiing, snowboarding, motorcycle rides, running, cycling, ATVing, hunting, construction, warehouse work and shoveling snow.

  • Made of thermal fleece lining that retains heat
  • Stretchy, breathable fabric protects your face while wicking away moisture
  • Rubber mouth panel that allow you to easily breathe
  • Helmet Friendly
  • One size fits most


Our fleece mask balaclava protects you against cold, wind, dust & sun's rays, whether you blaze down the slopes, shovel some snow or motorcycle in the desert.


This ski mask keeps you warm and dry. Its stretchy, breathable fabric protects your face while wicking away moisture. Your neck is protected by thick, heavyweight fleece that is crafted to retain heat.


Wear your balaclava on its own or under a helmet. Wear it as a full face mask cover, open balaclava, half ski mask, ninja hoodie, or neck gaiter.

Series Performance Winter Gear Thermal Winter Gear Performance Cold Weather Gear Thermal Winter Gear Thermal Winter Gear Thermal Winter Gear
Designed for Skiing, Snowboarding, Motorcycle Riding & Winter Sports. Perfect under Helmets Protection Against Extreme Cold Running, Cycling, Skiing & Winter Sports. Perfect under Helmets Cool Weather: Running, Cycling, Driving Cool Weather: Running, Cycling, Driving Cool Weather: Running, Cycling, Driving
Features Thick, Heavyweight Fleece, Inner Mesh Ventilation, Rubber Mask Heavyweight Polar Fleece & Spandex Construction, Breathable Face Mask Face Mask, Thermal Fleece Lining, 4-Way Stretch, Flatlock Stitching Reinforced Nylon/Spandex blend Reinforced Nylon/Spandex blend, Silicone Palm Grip, Touchscreen Reinforced Nylon/Spandex blend, Silicone Palm Grip, Touchscreen

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