NOMOY Reptile Chameleon Drinking Fountain Water Dripper, Suitable for Snake, Gecko, Lizard, Chameleon, Bearded Dragon Water Dispenser Water Dish Bowl, Reptiles Habitat Waterfall & Tank Accessories Kit

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  • 【Natural Clean】It provides fresh, clean and continuous flowing drinking water for reptiles and amphibians to simulate natural waterfall environment, making your pet feel comfortable in its natural habitat.Let your snake turtle lizard amphibian love this natural and healthy way of drinking water.
  • 【Convenient】1000 ml of drinking water can be added at a time, which is enough for a week to save the trouble of frequent adding water. Easy to clean, equipped with activated carbon filter pad, automatic circulation filtration, no overflow.
  • 【Safety Durability】 It is made of nonporous, nontoxic and durable food grade resin, which is harmless to reptiles.Using a new durable and silent water pump, the water flow speed can be adjusted in 3 levels to provide the best flow for your reptiles.
  • 【EasyTo Use Design】No need to install, add water, plug in and use immediately.It is hard and hard to be knocked down by large reptiles. There is a suction cup on the back, which can easily absorb the glass surface.
  • 【Power Saving&Natural Sound】Equipped with 2.5w/110v DC pump, it is power-saving, efficient, noise-free, with only slight natural stream sound, which can simulate a natural and comfortable environment for your pet.

Reptiles' favorite natural way to drink water

★In nature, reptiles prefer to drink flowing water, because flowing water is safer and healthier, especially arboreal reptiles, they generally don't recognize static water sources and only choose flowing water such as dew and rain.

★NOMOY PET  waterfall simulation water dispenser, can simulate the water flow environment recognized by reptiles, attracting reptiles to drink water. Prevent dehydration and the resulting health problems,and add beneficial humidity to your cage or terrarium! 

NOMOY PET --Focus on your pet's health!

★Easy to clean.

★No need to change water every day.

★Let pet's living environment closer to nature.

★Increase humidity in reptile habitat.

★Increase your pet's desire to drink water.

★Activated carbon automatic circulation filtration system makes drinking water healthier and more convenient

Reliable After-sales Service

NOMOY PET  is committed to providing customers with sincere service and quality products. Please rest assured to buy, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, you will get a quick solution within 24 hours.

Note: No filtering system does not require any maintenance can protect indefinitely, we recommend that you clean it once a week. Regular water changes and maintenance are beneficial to your pet's health and long-term use.

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