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  • Made with premium quality components. Shell made with durable hard ABS plastic, all parts are tightly sealed to make this LED lure tough and highly pressure resistant. All components are made from anti-corrosion material to make this a perfect choice for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.
  • Automatically ON and OFF. With its advance design this LED light will turn ON when it hits water, and turn OFF automatically when its dry, saves your battery.
  • This deep drop light will keep flashing and blinking even under 1000 Yards water depth. Highly visble and flashing light will drive the hungry fishes crazy under water, luring them to attack.
  • Up to 400 hrs of life span. Much durable than a glow stick and affordable than a traditional fishing light. Excellent choice for deep sea fishing or trolling.
  • 1 oz. 2.7 Inches. Automatically flashing white in water. Pack of 2. (Tips: connect the two wire terminal on bottom of the lights to test. It will be automatically activated in water.)

Product Description

Where there is light, there are strikes

Dr. Fish LED Fishing Lights, bring flashing light deep under water, where darkness is overwhelming. They are like beacons, allowing your lures to be seen from a much greater distance, calling predators to attack.

Sealed Body

Perfectly sealed body makes these light highly pressure resistant, keeps them flashing in all water conditions.

Hardened ABS Material

Shell made with durable hard ABS plastic that make these lights durable and impact resistant.

Works down to 1000 Yards Deep

Premium material and craftsmanship allows these lights to work under 1000 yards deep under water. Let's go deeper for the big ones.

Wide Applications

Deep Drop Rig

Highly visible and flashing light will drive the hungry fishes crazy under water, luring them to attack.

Flashers for Trolling

Adds a steadier, enhanced light source to your trolling rig than traditional flasher.

Ice Fishing Attractant

Increase your lure's attractiveness where it's dark under thick ice.

Battery Life Up to 200 hrs Up to 200 hrs Up to 200 hrs Up to 200 hrs
Quantity 5 5 5 2
Length 1" 2" 2" 6"
Water Activates

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