4PCS Stackable Breeding Sideboard Flight Divided Breeder Bird Cage for Small Canaries,Parrotlet,,Finch,Lovebird with Rich Food Drink Accessories

Color: Green-YY05
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  • 1.UNIQUE DESIGN: Green sideboard yy05 is a breeding cage specially designed for small canaries and blackbirds. It can be stacked up and down infinitely. The left and right PP boards are designed to create an excellent quiet environment for birds during breeding and reduce the interference caused by seeing each other
  • 2.HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: the metal part uses low-carbon steel, which is environmentally friendly and very solid. Each cage is handmade and carefully inspected. The iron frame is made of acid pickling phosphorous spray plastic technology, which will not rust in water, food grade and tasteless
  • 3.ABUNDANT ACCESSORIES: it is equipped with four pull-out anti sprinkling feeders, two large-capacity drinking fountains, and standing sticks, and a mesh partition with a slide rail to meet all the needs of birds in daily life. The green and black designs are closer to nature and give people a more humanized aesthetic feeling
  • 4.MULTIPLE DOORWAYS: two doorways are designed for your pet birds to enter and exit. The top of the cage is open and can be supported by wooden beams to let your bird stand on it
  • 5.MORE CONVENIENT: it has a detachable and foldable design and is more convenient for transportation. It is a great product and an excellent choice for both lovers and farmer

Product Description


Return to nature and provide a comfortable living environment for birds

Breeding Flight Sidebord Bird Cage for Small Cockatiel, Canary, Finch, Lovebird, Parrotlet with Food Drink Accessories

Beautiful shape, natural concept, excellent bird breeding cage, suitable for most silk finches breeding.

  • Iron cage x1
  • Sideboard x2
  • Sidebar x1
  • Bottom frame x1
  • Bottom net x1
  • Isolation net x1
  • Food Box x 4
  • Water Drinker × 2
  • Bird Stick x 2
  • Material : low carbon steel, PP
  • Color : Green
  • Packaging:4 pcs/box
  • Backboard: Without
  • Size:500mm x330mm x360mm/PCS
  • Usage: Breeding Cockatiel,Canary,Finch,Lovebird,Parrotlet,etc
  • The cage can be stacked in multiple layers has a fixed slot for the card
  • The metal part uses low-carbon steel, which is environment protection and very solid

Product Features

Exquisite workmanship. The cage consists of 13mm diameter wire.

Sideboard are added on both sides to facilitate bird breeding.

High capacity drawer chassis for easy cleaning

Birdcage Accessories

Water Bottle

Water Bottle is Safe, non-toxic, easy to clean.

Food Box

Each cage with four pull-out food boxes , easy to install.

Birs Stick

Perches are designed to fit the size of the bird's feet.

Mesh Partition

Bird cage have a mesh partition with slide rail.

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