Aculief - Award Winning Natural Headache, Migraine, Tension Relief Wearable – Supporting Acupressure Relaxation, Stress Alleviation, Soothing Muscle Pain - Simple, Easy, Effective 1 Pack - (Green)

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  • WEARABLE ACUPRESSURE: Aculief is a compact device that applies pressure to the LI4 acupressure point on your hand, located between your thumb and forefinger. It's designed to provide natural tension and headache relief throughout the day.
  • NATURAL HEADACHE & MIGRAINE RELIEF: This is an all-natural, drug-free option for people looking for relief from pain caused by recurring headaches, migraines, eye problems, and fever. It can also help boost your immune system.
  • RELEASE STRESS ON THE GO: This is a discreet and mobile way of relieving discomfort while still maintaining an active lifestyle. While other acupressure and acupuncture devices can be bulky, Aculief goes where you go.
  • FOR THE BEST FIT: For the best results, wear Aculief on your nondominant hand on the LI4 acupressure point, which is located between the thumb and forefinger. It fits like a glove, and we carry multiple sizes and colors to suit our customers’ tastes!
  • WORRY-FREE RETURNS: We know every experience related to personal wellness is unique, so we offer a hassle-free return policy. Just contact Aculief within 60 days of your purchase. DO NOT USE Aculief if you are pregnant or have nylon allergies.

Product Description

Aculief provides pressure to the LI4 pressure point. The LI4 acupressure point is one of the most powerful points on your body.

Can help to short-circuit a headache in 30 seconds!

Relieves tension and promotes the flow of your body's natural energy to reduce stress and tension. Nurtures overall well-being and holistic health.

Love the results! Aculief is meant to last forever. Don't love your Aculief? Contact our team, no questions asked.

Who is Aculief for?

Aculief can be used by everyone at any age who may suffer from headaches, tension, health imbalance or discomfort. Aculief helps promote natural wellbeing and circulates your body's natural energy.

You can wear your Aculief from 5 minutes to several hours.

We currently offer three different sizes: regular, small and x-small/kids. When on your hand your Aculief should press firmly on your LI4 pressure point. Make sure your Aculief is on your pressure point, if higher up it will press on your bone causing discomfort and possible bruising. If your Aculief is sliding around it may be an indicator it is too large or not on the correct spot on your hand

Tension Relief for You
Headache Relief for the Office & at Home
Migraine Relief for You & A Friend
Stress-Free Family Pack
Relief for On the Go
Lasts Forever

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