AUTOPHIX 3210 Bluetooth OBD2 Enhanced Car Diagnostic Scanner for iPhone, iPad & Android, Fault Code Reader Plus Battery Tester Exclusive App for Quality-Newest Generation

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  • · 【Powerful Check Engine Light Diagnostics】Can read and diagnose your check engine light, understand the severity of the issue, and clear fault codes in a blink of an eye. More functions compared to other simple scanner like I/M Readiness, Battery Health Check, Freeze frame, O2 sensor test, On-Board Monitoring, Evap system test, Performance Test, Data Stream, and Diagnostic reports, Handy google search button, Built-in OBD II Fault code look-up library.
  • 【Necessary Battery Tester】Have you ever noticed many other scanner tools without battery tester functionality, which costs you extra or more, However, AUTOPHIX 3210 can Check the health of your battery and voltage with a tap on your phone screen, so it is in great condition when you need it the most on a freezing winter day without opening the bonnet.
  • 【 Key Point】Don't just read vehicle malfunction codes and give you code definitions, but more importantly informs you what the possible problems are with your vehicle, even if you know absolutely nothing about cars. We are here to help you know the car troubles and clear the error code for saving money, so the understandable fault code definition is important for you.
  • 【 Works on your car and your Language】A necessary wireless/Bluetooth car diagnostic tool/fault code reader for today’s car owners, downloadable on both iPhone iOS, Ipad and Android and supporting major vehicle brands and models 1996 or newer. Works in English, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Chinese.
  • 【Autophix --Repairing and Solution Consultant for your Car】Proudly designed in the USA by Professional Engineers. Tested in 50+ local car dealers in the United States before Mass production. Autophix only does car scanning. We are professional for your cars.

Product Description

Autophix 3210: Why choose me?

Wireless OBD II diagnostic scanner is not new, but Autophix 3210 is. It is also more. Besides the common functions of a basic OBD II diagnostic scanner/code reader such as reading and clearing fault codes, displaying inspection and maintenance readiness status, and viewing vehicle data past and present, it has evolved into a power machine with much enhanced features. It displays live oxygen sensor data, tests your car’s EVAP to find any leak in the fuel system, and even prints your diagnostic reports through your PC, to name a few.

What is most striking about this little device is that it speaks to you in a language you can easily understand, not in the language of numbers and letters designed by some computer wizard. If you are a professional mechanic, the list of possible malfunction causes for a given fault code may save you a lot of time and headache checking the system. If you are an average car owner and knows virtually nothing about how a car works, you may get a clear idea how serious the check-engine-light problem is in plain and simple English. It’s entirely up to you whether you choose to fix it yourself or send it to a repair shop. But it’s better to know before it gets serious and costly because your safety and your family’s safety are riding on this piece of information.

How about tossing in the battery tester as a free gift? Whether you live in the sunny Arizona or the freezing northeast, a healthy battery goes a long way. What’s the last time you checked your battery, especially if you call Minnesota or Kansas or Ohio or Pennsylvania or Colorado home? Battery goes through a lot in winter. If you don’t want to get stranded on a highway or in a parking lot because your battery doesn’t have enough CCA power to crank up the engine, please buy an Autophix 3210, plug it in, read your battery data before you take a trip. But please remember to offer help the best you can when you see people stranded.

What does Autophix 3210 obd2 bluetooth scanner do?

Read codes&Erase codes : Quickly read the error code in 3 seconds and clear pending error code, help you save time and money to fix it yourself if possible.

Built-in OBD II Fault code look-up library : Instead of just giving you a cryptic description of what a trouble code means, we offer a lot more information on trouble codes

Evap system test: Prevent gasoline vapor evaporated from the fuel tank of the car from being discharged into the atmosphere

Data stream :Display various vehicle real-time parameters

O2 sensor test : Detect the oxygen content in the mixture.

Real Time Battery Voltage :Show the real-time voltage changes to monitor your battery health.

Live Data : Show each data source as a Graph, Gauge, or Digital Display ; Customize the colors ; Resize and place in any arrangement.

Important Vehicle Information : Vehicle specifications.

Freeze Frame : Get a snapshot of the vehicle when a Freeze Frame Code was stored.

I/M Readiness/Smog check : Determine if your vehicle is ready for an smog test.

Mode 6 : Advanced test results (like misfire counts) for On-Board Diagnostic System Monitors.

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