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  • RAT CAGE BED-- Relieve boredom and stress, them from producing , and maintain mental health.
  • -- The edges are smooth and round, without burrs, and will not damage the skin.
  • IRON CHINCHILLA TOY-- Not can it be as a Hamster Toy, it is also a perfect hamster nest landscaping prop.
  • HAMSTER PLAYGROUND-- Funny Hamster Cage Platform, good companion and friend for when you are not at home.
  • STABLE HAMSTER TOY-- Conducive to the physical and mental health of the pet hamster. It is very funny to play.

Package List
1 x Hamster Nest
-The Hamster Toy can be as a very practical gift to your friends who have small animals such as hamsters. They will definitely be very happy small pet activity center.
-Size:25.00X16.50X6.00cm/9.82X6.48X2 rat cage accessories.
-Funny Hamster Cage Platform, good companion and friend for your pets when you are not at home stable hamster bed.
-Suitable for hamsters, gerbils, and other small animals. It will give them a good experience chinchilla accessory.
-The edges are smooth and round, without burrs, and will not damage the skin iron hamster platform.
-Color:White stable hamster toy
-Keep them healthy and active, and help them deal with their environment in an entertaining way hamster basket.
-Material:Iron Hamster Hanging Bed
Goods Information
stable hamster toy It is visually appealing to the pet hamster.Hamster Playground This household Hamster Platform toy is made of premium iron material for and long-lasting use.rat cage bed Likewise, it can also climb, rest and play for small pets, as well as place wheels, food bowls and water bottles. This Hamster Climbing Toy is the perfect toy for your little hamster crawling, playing, adventuring and desiring to explore

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