Bird Knots N Blocks Chew Toys for Large Parrot, Macaw Toys,Bird Swing Toys with Bells , Chew Toys with Colorful Loofah Balls, Parrot Cage Toys Set (3 Pack)

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  • Bird Block Toys with Bells for Medium Parrots and Birds Like ,African Grey and Cockatoos.Created from Pet Safe Materials, including 100% Cotton Rope and Natural Sisal Rope; attaches easily to cage with a Quick Link Fastener; makes a Great Gift for the Bird Lover in Your Life
  • Make your bird cage into a Bird Playground or Bird Gym;Individual wooden shapes and fabric textures Stimulate Both Beak and Foot Activity; the Multi Colored Wood Blocks and knotted rope provides Birdy with Plenty of Exercise
  • A combination of Festive Wood Blocks and Knots were designed to keep your best Bird Happy and Busy for hours; materials are perfect for Chewing and Preening;encourages parrots to Preen and Condition Beak
  • Your bird will have an Exceptional Quality Time Gnawing and Chomping on the Colorful Wood Blocks with Multiple Layers to Climb and Explore; our Unique Designentices your bird to Pick, Pull, and Preen
  • Your Bird Will Love this Knots and Blocks Chewing Toyin Vibrant Colors;it fosters interactive play and encourages your bird to Swing, Climb, and StayActive; Knots Can Be Untied by Clever Birds

The Best Large Parrot Bird Toys

Providing toys for your pet bird is absolutely essential. They need toys to prevent boredom and keep their minds active.

Without bird chewing toys, your bird can easily develop behavior problems like screaming, feather plucking, and biting.

Parrot bird toys can provide your friend with hours of fun, entertainment, and even intellectual stimulation.

The size of this parrot chewing toy is 19.7" X 5.9 ", it can be used for a long time. Perfect for medium and large parrots and medium-sized birds. It is suggested for African grey cockatoos and a variety of parrots. Our bird toys are made of food-grade color and natural wood, totally safe for your pets to chew and play with. Parrot's beak keeps growing to keep sharp. if her beak is long can affect the ability of the parrot to eat and damage her health. Our bird toys for parrots contain colored wooden blocks and other accessories in various shapes to attract your parrot to chew, help your feather friends to preen and condition their beak.

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