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  • COLORFUL ATTRACTION - The Flower Power Bird Toy features a plethora of colors to attract your bird's attention and get them super interested in their new toy.
  • MULTIPLE TEXTURES - Your small bird will have lots of textures to chew and climb upon. Your feathered friend can work its beak by chewing on foam petals and shredder tubes.
  • NOISY FUN - The rattle ball will make pleasant sounds to amuse your bird when the toy rattles and shakes. It's loud enough to keep your bird interested but quiet enough to not disturb you.
  • FORAGING EXCITEMENT - Hide treats and surprises in the toy to give your bird something to look for. Birds love to forage and it helps keep them mentally stimulated.
  • BIRD-SAFE - The entire toy is bird-safe to give you proper peace of mind during playtime. This toy makes a great playground for smaller birds.

The 1861 Flower Power Bird Toy from Bonka Bird Toys brings color and excitement to any bird cage. This toy features a variety of colors and textures that will surely delight small feathered friends. It includes a colorful plastic rattle ball and produces fun sounds when the toy is shaken or moved around. This will surely get your flying pal super interested. There are also some shredder tubes for shredding action and the foam flower petals make excellent chew toys for busy beaks. After all there's nothing quite like a good chewing session for a bird! You can even encourage some foraging by hiding treats inside the toy. Birds love to forage as it is one of their natural behaviors. This toy is completely bird-safe and it comes with a quick link attachment for easy placement inside the cage. It measures about eight (8) inches high and six (6) inches wide.

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