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  • [High-quality PP cotton material]: The material of cat bed is mainly PP cotton. Cotton has good elasticity, strong bulkiness, beautiful appearance, not easy to wrinkle, easy to wash, and quick-drying.
  • [Slip-resistant silica gel particle design]: Give your pet a comfortable rolling place. Place pet nest on a smooth surface. The non-slip particles can make it difficult to slide. Cats and dogs can roll freely, bringing a pleasant mood.
  • [Dust-proof and dirt-resistant]: PP cotton is matched with fabric to make pet's hair attached to the mat, so that you will not feel annoyed by the hair flying everywhere, and it is easy to clean the hair.
  • [Machine washable]: PP cotton is not easy to be deformed, and it is easy to dry after washing. Frequent washing can keep it hygienic.
  • [Zipper design]: The cover of the pet nest can be disassembled, cleaned or replaced, which is very convenient.

Product Description

Suitable for pets of different sizes

S: 20in x 16in x 6in:If you have cats such as Scottish Fold, Persian cat, Ragdoll, then I would suggest you to use a small pet bed. Of course small

M: 24in x 20in x 6in:dogs are also available, such as Teddy, Teacup Dog, Pomeranian.

L: 28in x 22in x 6in :If you like Corgi, Shiba Inu, and Papillon, you can choose a medium size, and small dogs can also choose a medium size if you want more comfort.

If it’s a large dog, oh my god, then you have to choose a large kennel, or he will sleep on the floor. The queen size bed is suitable for Alaska, golden retriever, Samoyed, etc. Listen to me, no thanks

Extremely soft, providing a comfortable bed for your pet

Made of PP cotton, plush and cloth materials, soft and warm, let your pet stay for a whole day and do not want to leave.

Soft and dustproof

The dust-proof fabric is easy to clean, and the hair that pets fall off the pet nest is attached to it, and it is not easy to fly around.

High quality PP cotton

PP cotton has good elasticity, strong bulkiness, beautiful appearance, not afraid of squeezing, easy to wash, and quick-drying


Non-slip silicone particles increase friction and can be placed firmly on smooth ground, so that your pet can bounce on it.

Durable zipper

The durable zipper design makes it easy to remove the cover of the cushion for cleaning. Frequent cleaning can keep it hygienic.


Very easy to clean, high-quality PP cotton is not afraid of squeezing, quick-drying, especially convenient for washing.

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