DEWENWILS Outdoor Timer Weatherproof, Countdown Photocell Plug in Light Sensor Timer with Electrical Grounded Outlets for String Light Halloween Landscape Holiday 15 A, 1/2 HP, UL Listed 2 Pack

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  • MULTI TIMER CHOICES - Always ON/OFF, countdown from 1-9 hours, ON at dusk OFF at dawn and On at dusk OFF after 1-9 hours, totally above 5 modes for you to choose, once set, it is daily repeat
  • EASY TO PROGRAM- Only one button to achieve all programs (F=OFF/O=ON/d=ON at dusk,OFF at dawn/1,2,3... 9=ON at dusk, OFF after 1,2,3...9 hours//1. 2.3..... 9.=ON immediately and OFF after 1,2,3,...9 hours); It only could be adjusted by whole hour
  • WATERPROOF- Waterproof material allow it to run even on rain or snowy days; the swivel safety cover on the outlet could anti dust and water when in use, to make sure no water splash into the outlets, please mount it in a vertical position and at least 2 ft above ground when in outdoor use
  • FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE- UL Listed, one year wanrranty provided, crafted from heavy-duty fireproof PPE material, 14 AWG SJTW cord, diminished hidden fire dangers to provide superior safety which is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor use
  • GROUNDED OUTLETS- Ideal for controlling Christmas/Holiday lights, outdoor string light, and other garden decorative lights, 2 timers in package give another choice to control more devices in distance

Product Description

DEWENWILS is a professional manufacturer specializing in Home Improvement, Consumer Electronics and Outdoor Equipment. Our primary aim was to provide you and other valuable members of the Amazon community with higher quality products. A satisfying shopping experience is amongst our top priorities.

Outdoor Light Sensor and Countdown Timer


  • Do not attach a device that exceed the unit ratings.
  • Make sure the timer is placed far from artificial lights to avoid interference. The timer is daily repeat after setting, in case of power failure it will stop operating. Once power is restored, reset the desired operating mode as the operating instructions.
  • In order to avoid water getting into the outlets, the timer should be mounted in a vertical position with the outlets facing downward and at least 2ft above ground level.
  • Specifications:
  • -Input Voltage: 125VAC, 60Hz
  • -Max Power Rating:
  • -1625W Resistive/1000W/-Tungsten/1/2HP/13A
  • -Cord: SJTW 16/3C
  • Packing List:
  • 2 x Timer
  • 1x Instruction

Mounting Hole

The mounting hole could help it to hang on the wall.

Right Angle Plug

The plug is standard right angle plug to meet your daily needs and do not stake your protect cover of outdoor outlet.

Grounded Outlet

3-prong outlet can run most appliances, and the eaves could also aviod water influx the outlet.

Light Sensor - -
Light Sensor Countdown 2/4/6/8 Hrs 1-9 Hrs 2/4/6/8 Hrs - - On at Dusk, off at scheduled time
Countdown - 1-9 Hrs - - - -
Repeat Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Weekly
Operation Mode Mechaincal Dial Button Button & Remote Mechaincal Mechaincal Button
Extension Cord 6 inch 6 inch 6 inch 6 inch 2 ft 6 inch
Outlet Quantity 2 2 2 2 1 3
Power Rating 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1/3 HP
Light Sensor -
Light Sensor Countdown - 2/4/6/8 Hrs 1-9 Hrs 2/4/6/8 Hrs 2/4/6/8 Hrs 2/4/6/8 Hrs
Countdown - - 1-9 Hrs - - -
Repeat Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily Daily
Operation Mode Mechaincal Mechaincal Dial Button Mechaincal Dial Mechaincal Dial Mechaincal Dial
Extension Cord 6 inch 6 inch 6 inch 2 ft 12 ft 8.3 inch
Outlet Quantity 1 1 1 3 3 3
Power Rating 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP 1/2 HP -

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