Fishing Lure Set of 6 Trolling Saltwater Skirted Lures: Rigged Lures and Black Bag Included. Catch Any Predatory Pelagic Fish in the Ocean Including Dolphin, Tuna, and Wahoo!

Size: 6.5 inch
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  • VALUE- SIX Chugger Style Lures with quality skirted lures
  • FULLY RIGGED-Designed to attract Dolphin (Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, Sailfish and any predatory pelagic fish in the ocean!)
  • DURABLE- Crystal Head with heavy duty Skirt to Protect hook from getting covered with weeds so you can fish longer!
  • ADDED VALUE- Comes with Premium Black Bag for easy storing and easy to wash!

High Quality Offshore Trolling Lure Set SIX Chugger Lures! Heavy Duty Crystal Head NEW. Fully Rigged, Ready to be fished out of the packaging Troll up to 14 knots for best results. Durable and Easy to Clean Use over and over Again! catches fish, PERIOD The Offshore Chugger Set includes Six 9 Inch Chugger Lures with high quality skirts designed to protect and hide the hook. Each a different color comes rigged and ready for action. Designed to chug along the surface and swim like a fleeting bait-fish (flying fish) and catch the attention of predatory pelagic fish in the area. Troll these lures from 7-18 knots for best results. Comes with Premium Black bag for easy storage and organization.

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