Hooyan 2 Pcs Outdoor LED String Lights Indoor Decor Lights Patio Garden G40 Globe Plastic Light Bulbs Waterproof Connectable Shatterproof 50FT

Size: 2x25FT
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  • 【LED Dimmable String】Compatible with most outdoor light string dimmers (note: dimmers are not included), 2 *25 feet long string with 50+4 spare clear G40 plastic bulbs, end to end connectable. 50*C7/E12 socket base, UL listed.6" lead with male plug, 12" spacing between bulbs, 6" tail with female connector. Package plus with 4+4 spare fuse.The 2700K soft warm lighting is perfect for creating romantic atmosphere for wedding, warm family reunion, happy birthday party, various festival party.
  • 【Shatterproof and Energy-Saving】 Plastic bulbs will not break, you can safely hang them on terraces, backyards, porches, gardens and terraces. Don't worry about cutting your hands or cleaning debris. The power of each LED bulb is only 0.6W, which can save 90% of energy, but the luminous intensity of a single bulb is as high as 44.5lm, which is a perfect decorative light string. A bulb with a service life of more than 30,000 hours can reduce maintenance costs for frequent bulb replacement.
  • 【Waterproof & Windproof】 Heavy-duty insulating layer structure LED outdoor string lights has obtained UL certification and can be used safely. IP44 waterproof, can withstand the sun, rain, wind, snow and any weather conditions. Whether it’s bumping or falling in the wind,G40 globe plastic LED shatterproof bulb will not break.It is also suitable lights for room decor due to the soft warm lighting of 2700k is neither dim nor dazzling.
  • 【Easy To Install and Connectable】The plastic transparent G40 bulb is shatter-proof, so it is easy to install and hang. You can hang the outdoor light string with built-in ring from above with a hook, wire or drawstring. The spare fuse is easy to replace. If one bulb is damaged, the other bulbs will light up as usual. The light string can be customized to the length you need by connecting up to 16 strings. The socket will fit any bulb with an E12 base, you can choose to switch the bulb style.
  • 【Indoor and Outdoor Decorative lights 】We guarantee that each light string has undergone strict quality inspection, and provides a 30-day return. Our HooYan brand provides quality after-sales and warranty.

Product Description

Outdoor LED string lights can not only be used as lighting, but also the perfect decoration for indoor and outdoor parties, creating a romantic atmosphere, amazing scenery, and enjoy happy time with family and friends.

HooYan-commercial quality indoor outdoor decorative light string will not be as fragile as traditional glass incandescent lamps, consume power, generate heat, and have a short life span, requiring frequent light bulb changes and flickering.

Sticky Wire Hook For Free

You can hang the outdoor light string with a hook, wire or drawstring.

  • LED G40 light bulbs x 50+4 spare
  • Cable with empty E12 Edison screw base x1
  • Spare fuse x 4
  • Sticky wire hook: 25
  • User Manual x 1

Brighter Than Ordinary LED Bulbs-But Lower Wattage And More Energy Saving

Brightness: 44.5 Lumens

Light Color : 2700k Warm White

Energy used: 0.6 Watts

Voltage: 120 V

Material: Plastic

Base Type: C7/E12

Bulb Life: >30,000 Hours

Bulb Size:width1.57 x length 2.36 in

  • Total length: 50 FT
  • Bulb gap: 12 IN
  • Socket base: 50
  • Max connection: 16 strand





Low Energy

Energy Efficient LED Bulbs - save up to 90% of your electricity bill. Low power , high lighting brightness, low heat, no flicker


Multi globe hang lights connectable by end to end plug in design. Up to 16 strands.


G40 string of lights can be adjusted by dimmer ( Not Included) 0%~100% brightness gradually. Dimmable string lighting can quickly change the atmosphere for different time or occasions.


Hard plastic shell-reduce the cost of frequent bulb replacement. Last more long time of using life.

Indoor Decorations

Indoor string lights make your room absolutely enchanting. They emphasize the intimate and secure feeling of the space, radiating a calm and peaceful lighting that will help you wind down at the end of the day.

Wedding Party

An outdoor dinning setting is perfected by a nice display of string lights hung right above it. They create a welcoming place for hosting dinners and celebrations! and can be easily setup and removed if needed to put them in another location. all you need is take them down and move them someplace else, and do not need worry about it will broken when you hang it.

Outdoor Lighting

Patio string lights is the perfect solution to outdoor lighting. They add charm and character to your garden as well as providing relaxed mood lighting for barbecues and al fresco dining. Adding fairy lights into outdoor spaces due to their warming, cozy glow. If you have garden trellis they are the perfect addition as you can use to creating a maximum impact with minimal effort.

HooYan-Let the warm stars fill your home

1. How many outside strings lights can I connect together?

G40 25ft string light can connect up to 16 strands. We also have prepared hanging hooks for you to hang it.

2. Where to buy spare bulbs or fuse?

This LED light bulbs normally runs for 30000 hours, and there are spare fuse and bulbs in the package.

3. If one Edison bulb goes out, will the rest stay lit?

One bulb broke or burnt won’t affect the rest bulb.

4. Are the porch string lights waterproof?

Yes, these products are IP44 waterproof. You can use the string lights outdoor.

5. Are they bulbs plastic

Yes,G40 LED plastic bulbs. It will not break and produce fragments

6. Can I change other bulbs?

you can replace the G40 with other shape bulbs with E12 screw base , but the total wattage of a wire cannot exceed 18 watts

7. Is the 0.6watt bulb bright enough?

yes ,it is 44.5 lm, brighter than the normal 1watt LED bulbs which is 23 lm.

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