HYOOLA Pure Lamp Oil - Odorless, Smokeless, Ultra Clean Burning - 100% Pure Liquid Parrafin Fuel - 2 Liter

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  • A CLEAN BURN: Our tiki torch fuel is processed and refined to create a powerful light source that is smoke and odor free and without harmful soot or other pollutants often found in kerosene lamp oil or non refined paraffin lamp oil.
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE: Oil lamps can be used inside the house on a dining room table or outdoors to enhance any party. Candle oil is perfect for centerpieces, in lamps, lanterns, and torch style candlesticks.
  • CLASSIC DECORATIONS: For elegant parties and events, use this fuel to light up tiki torches and other lanterns and light up pathways, stairs and aisles to beautify wedding celebrations.
  • EMERGENCY: Not only for gardens, patios or yards, use our lantern oil instead of candles or flashlights during blackouts or power outages.
  • SIZE: 2 Liter bottle (67 oz)- HYOOLA PURE oil lamp bottles comes sealed and packaged so there is no spills and gets to you in perfect shape!


This 100% Pure Paraffin Lamp Oil by HYOOLA is processed, refined and distilled much more than traditional parrafin or kerosene lamp oil to produce light suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This pure oil fuels a sootless, smokeless and odorless flame. Made in the USA our lamp oil is purer and burns cleaner than any other brands! Try it and see the difference! Now you can kindle your favorite ticki torch lights, light your lamps and lanterns without the soot or strong, unpleasant odor of kerosene or unrefined parraffin.

100% PURE Refined Paraffin Lamp Oil
Clean Burning
Smokeless and Odorless
2 Liter Bottle (67 oz)
Made in USA

Light your tiki torches for outdoor barbecues /pool parties. Create glowing centerpieces for weddings and fancy events. Light the way to an outdoor wedding canopy with a series of flames. Illuminate restaurant tables and buffet counters for a romantic touch. Create a relaxing ambiance in your yoga studio or spa. Kindle your prayer lights or other religious rituals. Use our lamp oil as part of your decor for any special event. Keep a bottle in stock and be prepared for any power outage or emergency.

Using HYOOLA PURE lamp oil to light lamps and lanterns, is safer and more cost-effective than battery-powered flashlights.

How to Achieve the Best Performance : Don't Mix Different Fuels. Remove old residual fuel from before filling with new fuel. Mixing fuels will change their burning properties and may cause excessive smoke. Use a Clean, Uncontaminated Lamp Oil Wick (cotton or fiberglass). If the wick is contaminated with old fuel or water, it will not perform properly. Keep the wick height to a minimum, this will reduce smoke, provide a more consistent flame and conserve fuel.
IMPORTANT: Even the purest oil smokes if used improperly.

Light up and be happy you chose lamp oil from the most trusted brand - HYOOLA.

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