Jkshop 23.6" Pet Bendable Play Center Comfy Perches and Climbing for Birds Flexible Multi-Color Rope

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  • 1.The bird rope perch is easy to use connectors to fit onto any size of bird cage, allows you to create different types of perches that will soothe and exercise tender feet for your lovely birds.
  • 2.The comfortable bird cotton rope provides secure footing, it’s made of the soft, durable, multi-colored cotton (using non-toxic food dyes) and the comfortable-to-grip rope that wrapping around flexible metal, making it possible to be bent to more create unlimited positions .
  • 3.Flexible rope perch is easy to bend into a variety of shapes to Provides a quick and simple way to renew your bird 's surroundings. Depending on the length of the bird rope, you can create loops, curves, and other interesting shapes .
  • 4.The rope bungee bird toy will help relieving the cage stress, boredom, and help the birds doing some exercises to strengthen their muscle, play diverse.
  • 5.size:600X170MM

1. these are bendable and can keep just about any shape you put them in, the bird's can get anywhere in the play center or cage via these perches. Also easy on it's feet.
2.SMALL BIRD PERCH: This perch measures 23.6 " long and provides a comfortable grip for small birds like budgies or cockatiels
3.EASY-TWIST ATTACHMENTS: Plastic, screw-off attachments allow pet parents to easily attach the Comfy Perch for birds to sides of the cage
4.STIMULATING EXERCISE: Pet parents can easily customize the flexible rope, challenging birds to climb perches of different shapes and improving grip strength
5.TWISTS AND BENDS INTO SHAPE: JW's parrot perch bends into a variety of shapes to stimulate birds with different perching surfaces

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