Joyfay Unisex Fitness Jumping Shoes Bounce Shoes for Women Adults(Red, X-Large)

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  • Thermoplastic Elastomers sole
  • HOT NEW FITNESS TREND: People all over the world are discovering the benefits of low impact training using the bounce shoes. You can reduce stress on your joints and lessen the chance of injury.
  • LOSE WEIGHT AND HAVE FUN: You burn 20% more calories with jump shoes than normal training sneakers. Plus, the spring design lets you feel like you’re floating through the air.
  • MULTIPLE HEALTH BENEFITS: Fix your posture, increase your metabolism, help your cardiovascular system, burn fat, fight osteoporosis, and have fun with the Unisex Fitness Jumping Shoes!
  • ABOUT SIZES SELECTION: PLEASE CHECK SIZES CHART IN DESCRIPTION BEFORE ORDERING! Choose the size according to your foot length, foot width and weight. If you are not sure, please contact our customer service.
  • NOTES: For non-professionals, in order to have a better bounce effect, please bounce your feet alternately when using your jumping shoes.

Product Description

At Joyfay, we out your health and well-being above all else. Exercising should be a part of everyone’s life, but it can often time be too challenging and boring. To help you develop a super-fun and safe workout routine, we have designed a super cool pair of bounce shoes that make each training session a blast!

Made with durable and reliable materials, these fitness bounce shoes are a great way to get your body moving!

If used outdoors at temperature below 50F, the plastic will become brittle and may break. Use on flat, dry surfaces. Avoid slippery or uneven surfaces or debris. Check equipment for damage before use. The use of safety gear is recommended. Start by jogging in place before moving on to running and more strenuous activity.

For non-professionals, in order to have a better bounce effect, please bounce your feet alternately when using your jumping shoes.

You don’t have to be a star athlete to enjoy the Unisex Fitness Jump Shoes Bounce Shoes. They are great for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Decrease stress on your joints and burn extra calories. Promote better balance and posture all while bouncing along. Join the party today!

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