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  • 【HEALTHY MATERIALS】The perches are made of natural wood and prickly ash wood no paint, no chemical smell, and are very safe for pets. The surface of the perches is not smooth, allowing the parrot to stand comfortably without slipping.
  • 【PACKAGE】Each package contains 8 perches, including four natural standing tree branches,four natural prickly ash perches,4 high quality 304 stainless steel washers and 4 wing nuts for easy mounting onto the cage.
  • 【SCOPE OF APPLICATION】This product is suitable for Cockatiels, Cockatoos,Budgies, Parakeets,Conures,Macaws, Parakeets, Quaker parrot, Love bird, Umbrella Cockatoo and other small bird.
  • 【DECORATE THE CAGE】These perches add a nice touch to your cage and also help your pet exercise their feet and stay healthy. The natural wood is ideal for standing perches for pets.
  • 【SIZE】The size of the prickly ash standing perch is approximately 7.87〞Lx0.78〞W.The size of the tree branch standing perch is approximately 7.87〞Lx0.7〞W.Note that because of the natural twig material, the shape and size of each perch may not be exactly the same.

Product Description

kathson bird perches and branches are made of 100% natural wood.They are safe for parrots to stand, climb, and chew in cages.Our products expand the habitat space and provide a pleasant and comfortable habitat for birds.

Natural Wood

  • Natural material, no paint, no chemical odor, natural and safe
  • The natural texture of the surface makes it easy for the bird to stand and not slide

Easy to install

  • Installation requires no additional tools.Installation is done with washers and nuts contained in the product.

Exercise and Fun

  • Climbing on rough perches improves movement.If your bird needs to exercise, sharpen its beak or trim its claws, our wooden perch is a great option.In addition, the birds feel happy when they play.It can provide more exercise and ease the boredom of the birds.
  • Our perch is made of high quality natural wood and is a safe place for your pet to relax and play.
  • This product can create even more fun for the bird, as you can see the birds preening, stretching, or taking a nap while standing on the perch.Flying around on a perch reduces the boredom of a bird in a cage.


  • Material:Natural Wood
  • Package: There are 8 perches in each set.

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