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  • 【NATURAL MATERIAL】The bird standing perch and standing platform toys are made from natural wood, which is healthy, non-toxic and absolutely safe for your pet.Every wood perch is with high quality stainless steel washers. Wear resistance and durable.The toy with cuttlebones are made from 100% natural cuttlefish bone and grass.
  • 【PACKING AND SIZE】Each set of products contains 5 bird toys, including 1 circular Platform(Diameter:5.8〞,Thickness:0.43〞),1 wooden standing platform(6.9"Lx2.6" Wx1.5 "H),1 chew toy(7.8〞Lx3.0〞W),1 prickly ash standing perch(7.87〞Lx1.0〞W),1 tree branch standing perch (7.5〞Lx0.7〞W).Since trees grow naturally, each branch may be slightly different in shape and size.
  • 【MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS】Our parrot toys can be used to relieve stress and boredom and satisfy the climbing and biting habits of birds.These toys can not only decorate your cage, but also provide a platform for your bird to rest and jump on.It can also help your pet exercise and keep their feet healthy.
  • 【EASY TO INSTALL】Perch built-in bolts and wing nuts.It can be installed inside or outside the cage to provide extra living and landing space for your pet and provide a safe and comfortable resting place for your pet.The chew toy can be hung in cages.
  • 【WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS】This product is suitable for many birds.Such as Parrot, parakeets, Macaw,African Greys, lovebirds and finch, Budgies, Cockatiels,Cockatoos,Canary,Quaker parrot,sparrow,Umbrella Cockatoo,Conure and other small and medium birds.

Product Description

kathson is a company specializing in pet products. We mainly provide a variety of products for turtles, rabbits, hamsters, birds, lizards and other small animals, rodents and reptiles. We are committed to accompany your pet healthy growth.


  1. Rough surfaces to give your bird a comfortable controlled grip, providing excellent foot exercise and the hard coating on the surface keeps beaks and nails trimmed naturally. Your lovely friends will surely enjoy it.
  2. These toys are great gifts for birds, both to increase exercise and movement, and are good for chewing and gnawing.It can exercise the bird's feet and keep your parrot's beak shaped.
  3. Made of pure natural wood, it has no pungent chemical odor and allows birds to play healthy.
  • Package And Size:
  • 1*wooden standing platform:6.9"L x 2.6"W x 1.5 "H
  • 1*chew toy:7.8"L x 3.0"W
  • 1*prickly ash standing perch:7.87"L x 1.0"W
  • 1*tree branch standing perch:7.5"L x 0.7"W
  • 1*circular wooden platform:5.8" (Diameter), 0.43" (Thickness)

Healthy material

Wood texture is good for beak and claws

Smooth and flat without sharp glochis or edges

Safe and durable

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