LED Flush Mount Ceiling Light Fixture, 5000K Daylight White, 3200LM, 12 Inch 24W, Flat Modern round Lighting Fixture, 240W Equivalent White Ceiling Lamp for Kitchens, Stairwells, Bedrooms.Etc.

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Color: Milk White
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  • 【Stylish and Slim Design】 This ultra bright flush LED ceiling light is only 0.94 inches thick, it won't look awkward or affect the decoration. The flat-mounted ceiling lamps have a smooth surface and no bulge, making them suitable for a variety of decorative styles.
  • 【Bright but protect your eyes】 High quality LED chips provide a large amount of uniform, no flickering light up to 3200 Lm, it is much brighter than most of other ceiling lights in this size. Keep your eyes free of glare and glare for your everyday use.
  • 【Easy to install】Directly connected to 110V mains, no need for voltage conversion.12 inch low profile ceiling light LED flush mount, just 2 steps to complete the installation. Install the base under the ceiling, screw the light onto the base, and you are done. Rust proof treated white finish new round flush mount thin ceiling light suits different home styles.
  • 【Energy saving】 24W LED is equivalent to the traditional 240W fluorescent flush led ceiling light. if under normal usage of 8 hours per day, the lifespan could endure more than 10 years.
  • 【Widely used】12 inch flat ceiling light suitable for bathrooms,corridors,bedrooms,garages,warehouses,offices,stairs,hotels,shops,conference rooms,factories,houses,living rooms,kitchens,hallways,stairways,porch lighting

Product Description

Simple modern Style 24 Watt LED ceiling light, higher brightness than the traditional incandescent bulb and it's very easy to install. High efficiency and real energy saving, less power consumption but higher brightness output .

This led flush mount ceiling light we provide milk white and black appearance, and each color has three color temperatures (Please Note: This led ceiling light can not be dimming in one light.), they are 5000K daylight white, 4000K natural white and 2800K ultra warm white.

1. Ultra-thin, Eye Protection and Dustproof Design

2. High Quality Environmental Material

3. Dustproof Design, Less Power Consumption But Higher Brightness Output


* Its smooth and large shade makes the lighting even and wide-modern.The thickness of this ceiling light is only 0.94 inch. Won't look abrupt or affect the decoration.

* Energy Saving and longer lifetime.

* Features brushed white color and slim round design, perfect for hotels, commercial areas,offices,stairs,hotels,and your house.

* Bright and powerful LED provides 3600lm,5000K of white light.

1> Remove the hanging plate from the lamp body clockwise(1).

2>. Drill mounting holes on the ceiling according to the mounting holes of the hanging plate, drive in the

expansion rubber plug, and fix the hanging plate on the ceiling with screws.

Ensure that the external power cord passes through the cable entry hole of the hanging board to ensure

that it is firmly installed ( 2).

3> Blue cable connects to "N" (null line), Brown(red) cable connects to "L" (live line).

When wiring, pay attention to the good contact of the wires, and wind the insulation with electrical tape

to ensure that the copper wires are not exposed (3 ).

4> Put the lamp body on the hanging board and rotate it counterclockwise to fix it on the hanging board to

make sure it is firmly installed ( 4).

5> Make sure the installation is correct before it can be used normally (5 ).


Name: LED ceiling light

Wattage: 24W

Input: 100-277V AC

Light Output: 3200 Lm

Color Temperature: 5000K CRI: 80+

Beam Angle: 120°

Light Source: LED

Size: 30*30*2.5 cm

Average Life (hours): 30000

Incandescent Equivalent: 240W

Package Contents:

1 * 24W LED Ceiling Light

3 * Mounting Screws

Diameter 12 Inch 12 Inch 12 Inch 8.9 Inch 8.9 Inch
Wattage 24W=240W 24W=240W 24W=240W 18W=180W 18W=180W
Brigtness 3200lm 3200lm 3200lm 1800lm 1800lm
Light Color 4000K/2800K 2800K/4000K/6500K on one light 5000K Daylight White 5000K/2800K 5000K/2800K
Thickness Ultrathin 0.94inch Ultrathin 0.94inch Ultrathin 0.94inch Ultrathin 0.94inch Ultrathin 0.94inch
Input 100-277V AC 100-277V AC 100-277V AC 100-277V AC 100-277V AC

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