Lucky Line Flexible Remote Skin, Ford, 1 Per Pack (48801)

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  • MEASUREMENTS - 1-3/4" (w) x 2 -1/8" (l) x 1/2" (d) remote skin will stretch an additional 1/8 inch of flex in any direction. ⭐ BE SURE TO CONFIRM MEASUREMENTS ON YOUR KEY FOB BEFORE PURCHASING ⭐
  • WILL NOT FRAY - water-resistant soft neoprene
  • DURABLE AND STRONG - vinyl window provides visibility of remote buttons
  • PROTECTS - remote from dirt, dust, water, and damage
  • REPAIRS and PREVENTS broken remotes by holding remote together and protecting it when dropped


The Lucky Line Flexible Remote Skins are a highly popular solution for protecting your car key fobs from dirt, dust, water, and damage. Made of highly durable and strong neoprene it does not fray over time with use. The neoprene material is also water-resistant protecting your key fob from minor accidents and spills. This versatile material is flexible and soft and can be stretched to fit most GM remotes and fobs but other shapes and sizes are available on . The dimensions of the remote skin are 1-7/8 inch Wide x 2-3/8 inch Long x 1/2 inch Deep, but the material can be stretched an additional 1/8 inch in all directions. This design will fit other models of car remotes as well as long as they are within the dimension of this product. This remote cover protects against regular wear and tear from daily use, as well as accidents. This remote skin is popular for those looking to fix a broken key fob by holding everything tightly together and protecting it from future damage. The clear plastic cover makes it easy to see the buttons and is thin enough to easily press the buttons through the skin. This is an affordable solution for broken key fobs and key fob protectors. The remote skin is not too thick making it easy to carry around and fit into pockets and small bags. With a small metal attachment ring to help you attach it to your keys and key chains, you won’t lose your key fob from faulty key rings again. Lucky Line Products s the highest quality products that promise to deliver satisfactory results. We have been manufacturing products since 1961 and we continue to develop new products and provide exceptional service every day.

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