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Color: Henri matisse poster
Size: 30cmx40cmx6p-Unframed
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  • We are a manufacturer specializing in industrial oil painting decoration for more than ten years. With many years of experience in this field, we are committed to creating stylish and warm art decoration.
  • KISSWEN——With warm, fashionable and luxurious design concepts, we provide customers with more noble and personalized wall art decoration.
  • Whether it's a special goodbye, a holiday celebration, a family reunion, a young couple in love or an older couple in love, Kissing is the most precious gift given to you by a loved one, expressing love, respect or support, and it is also one of the most romantic things in the world.This is the original intention of creating the KISSWEN brand.

Henry Matisse's artwork

  • Matisse, the most famous French painter in the 20th century, was the founder of Fauvism. He is known for his bold use of colors and minimal lines. It now appears that it is enough to prove Matisse's avant-garde style.

  • Minimalist and exquisite works of art, highlight your aesthetics, create a space for artistic atmosphere, and improve the quality of life

  • Matisse posters used to decorate women's rooms, bedroom outfits, coffee shops, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

Does my art print have a photo frame?

No, this art print is not framed.

What is the difference between art prints and posters?

The art prints are made of higher quality canvas, and special attention is paid to reproducing the true colors of the original artwork.

What is Giclée printing?

The Giclée printing process uses fade-resistant archival inks to print high-quality artworks.


  • Visit our storefront to find a decorative style design for each room that matches your space.

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