Meric Rattan Shredding Foraging Toys, Speed Bag for African Greys, Lovebirds, Engage in Instinctual Activity, Lower Stress, Strengthen Legs, Parakeets Discover Exciting Textures and Sounds, 2 Toys

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  • Train Like Rocky --- Meric’s foraging balls are an avian speed bag. Just like Rocky, your budgie or finch will eagerly train on them to work off stress and build leg strength and coordination. Our toys are hand-stuffed so there are no wires or plastics to cause issues. With Meric’s toys, your bird will work-out and reach their full potential!
  • Intriguing To Intelligent Avians --- Parrotlets, GCC-all birds-are very smart. We’ve hidden different textures, colors, and crinkly paper in our foraging toys that will intrigue your curious bird. What will they find? What makes that sound? Maybe you’ll learn your pet has a favorite color?
  • Loved By Chickens And Ducks, Too! --- Meric’s shredding foraging toys satisfy instinctual bird activities, like foraging and nest building, so chickens and ducks will love it, too. It lowers stress, provides energizing mental and physical activity, and builds confidence. Happy birds are less likely to pluck out their feathers, pace, or pant and more likely to lay extra delicious eggs!
  • Too Loved To Shred?! --- Some birds love our toys so much they decide to keep them as a favorite perch or even a nest! Our toys are made to be shredded over days, weeks, or months, but some lovebirds and budgies prefer to “clear” it out and make them a nest! Other birds, like cockatoos and amazons, enjoy hanging and perching from them.
  • Ding Ding School’s In --- Meric’s toys have a charming bell below the festively stuffed ball. Birds are very smart and enjoy learning tricks. You can utilize this bell to teach your bird some simple tricks like first ringing the bell and then counting on the bell. It’s like 2 toys in one!

Product Description

Birds are not only beautiful but are lively, engaging, loving companions. Return their love and bring out their best by providing them challenging toys. Play enriches their lives and can contribute to increased longevity and well being. For pets as intelligent and curious as birds, play is essential for their happiness.

To avoid boredom and increase engagement, you should give your feathered friends a variety of toys and rotate them regularly. Meric’s rattan shredding foraging toys are hand-packed with exciting various textures and colors that let finches and conures forage for their favorite color or search for what makes that crinkly sound. They can climb and swing from our ball toys, ring the bell, and go wild shredding our toys like a pinata!

Birds love our toys so much we packaged two so you can always have a back-up!

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