Meric Wooden Bird Perch Platform, Corner Cage Accessory for Small Animals, 3 Screws Included, 1 Piece per Pack

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  • Makes Feathered Pets Happy And Well --- Adding our fan-shaped accessory inside your birdcage makes a cozy home for your pets. Wood Birch Platform by Meric allows them to have fun while climbing and playing. It helps them increase their activity level, making them mentally alert, psychologically sound, and physically fit. It is also ideal as a resting place after an active play.
  • Helps In Beak And Nail Conditioning --- Made from real wood, your feathered companions can use our perch for chewing and conditioning their beaks. This platform's surface is also beneficial for their nails as they aren't slippery, allowing them to perch for an extended period without adverse effects. However, please note that it can wear over time because of your pet's innate shredding behavior.
  • Easy To Install, Use, And Maintain -- Meric Wood Perch for Bird Cages has built-in screws, making them easy to install. With its fan shape, you can firmly fix it at the corners of the cage using your hands. It is secure, stable, and effortless to maintain.
  • Suitable Platform For Small Animals --- Our Wood Perch Platform measures 6.7" (L-side A) x 6.7" (L-Side B) x 9.4" (L-Side C). It has a thickness of 0.51" and a screw size of 0.59". It is perfect for bird cages of Parakeets, Cockatiels, Lovebirds, etc. You can also place it inside the abode of other small animals such as Chinchillas, Hamsters, and similar sized pets.
  • Practical And Multifunctional Cage Accessory --- This dependable and sturdy cage accessory also looks good with its minimalist yet functional design. It is truly a must-have product to sustain your feathered friends' well-being. Additionally, you can utilize it to serve an area to place their treats and playthings. Our wooden platform is also an excellent tool for young birds who are just learning to perch and fly.

Product Description


Perches are essential cage accessories for your feathered friends. Being curious animals, having vantage points in their habitat keeps their eyes busy observing what's going on. Wood Perch Platform by Meric adds to a happy home set-up because it also functions as a pathway, encouraging movement and exercise.

Additionally, flat bird perch can help young birds during their first year of life. It aids them while learning to fly. Our wooden platform also serves as a relaxing resting spot where they can sleep. It also allows them to spread their toes in a relaxed position. This type of perch can help nurse wounded and disabled birds.

It is also great for older birds. It can also be a tray for your pet's toys and treats. Meric Wood Perch Platform is made from high-quality wood, with stainless steel fittings that are very easy to install and maintain.


Our Perch Bird Platform is from real wood, and it will not have any adverse effect even when the bird bites or chews it. It measures 6.7" (L-Side A) x 6.7" (L-Side B) x 9.4" (L-Side C). It features .51" in thickness and .59" screw size. It is easy to assemble and will fit the cage's corner perfectly. Aside from birdcages, you can also put this inside of any small-sized animals' habitats like chinchillas, hamsters, and others who will also enjoy having this addition in their habitat.

You may follow these simple installation steps:

- Position the platform according to your desired level

- You may place it inside the cage or outside the cage

- Fasten it using the wing nut provided in the package and you are good to go.

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