Night Light Motion Sensor [Battery Powered] with Rotating Base for Indoor Use in Bathroom, Hallway, Cruise Cabin & More White

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  • BATTERY OPERATED: takes three [3] AAA batteries so able to use without a nearby power source
  • MOTION ACTIVATED: LED lights are activated when sensing motion within 15 feet of nightlight
  • MAGNETIC BASE: use the magnet base to attach to metal areas or included adhesive for other surfaces
  • TRAVEL SIZE: compact & perfect for cruise cabins (attaches to metal walls), camping, hotels, etc
  • ROTATING BASE: set on any flat surface or attach to walls & use rotating base for perfect lighting

Product Description

Indoor Night Light

Your new nightlight is motion activated and rotates 360 degrees to light up anywhere in need!

Indoor Nightlight Main Features

Motion Activated

When sensing motion, your night light is activated to light up any area in need and automatically turns off after 30 seconds.

LED Lights

High tech & high quality LED lights fully illuminate your path to the bathroom, garage, closet or other with ease.

360 Degree Rotation

Easily point your night light toward any direction as the surface fully rotates atop its magnetic, cupped surface.

Magnetic Base

Attach the nightlight base to any naked, metal surface or use the included self-adhesive pad to attach to non-metal areas.

Motion Sensing Night Light

Your new Motion Sensor Night Light is the answer to stubbed-toes and angry, awoken spouses.

Every house has "that room" - either the light is too bright and wakes up the bunk-mate, or the switch is only accessible after stepping on some legos and stegosaurus toys.

Gone is the day of dinosaur-impaled feet. Set your motion detector light on any surface and switch to "auto." When sensing motion in a dark room, the LED light will be activated and your shins will be safe.

The motion sensing nightlight is battery operated. It takes three AAA batteries (not included) and lasts many months on a new set. Use the device anywhere without relying on a nearby power source!

The base of your night light is magnetic. Attach it to any non-coated metal surface with ease. Or, use the included adhesive to stick to any non magnetic area.

Motion Sensor LED Light Features:

  • Magnetic base to attach to cruise cabin walls
  • Back-up adhesive sticky strip in case magnet fails
  • Motion censored to illuminate with movement
  • 360 degree rotating light to point in any direction
  • Compact size for easy packing
  • Pretty cool looking

This must-have product is made by your favorite cruise accessory company, Cruise On!

Ideal for Cruise Cabins

Our product is extremely popular as a Cruise Cabin Night Light. Don't wake your shipmates as you make those midnight bathroom trips!

Bathroom Night Light

Middle of the night bathroom trips shouldn't include a full dose of direct light. Point your nightlight to get a softer illumination and better night sleep.

Perfect as a Garage Light

Dark garages can be dangerous. Instead of braving the gauntlet, automatically light up your way as you navigate your garage after sunset!

Closet Buddy

Can't find those slippers at night? No need for flashlights or full illumination as our nightlight is the ideal solution for closets!

Cruise Night Light

Bathroom Staple

Garage Savior

Closet Buddy

Motion Activated Night Light Specifications

Material ABS + PC
Weight 110g (0.25 lbs)
Dimensions 8.5 cm (H) x 7.5 cm (W) x 8.6 cm (D)
Light Out Delay 30 seconds (approximately)
Motion Range 0 to 15 feet
Battery Requirements Three [3] AAA batteries (not included)
Illumination Type LED Light

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