Ogioxam Bird Perch,Hanging Metal Perches for Parakeet Cage,Bird Stand for Budgie Cockatiel Macaw and More (Small-8.3Inch)

Size: Small-8.3inch
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  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN: If you think this perches is quite novel, chances are your bird does too. This is an advantage, that a novel living environment is good for health.
  • SAFETY IS MOST IMPORTANT: non-toxic, no paint, no zinc, never rusted
  • STURDY & DURABLE: The perch is made of aluminium; wing nuts and washer are made of stainless steel. Even the biggest parrot can not destroy it
  • WASHABLE: The perches are made of metal with means they are easy to clean
  • PROMOTE HEALTHY FEET: Knurling, sandblasting, and anodizing makes the surface rough and hard. Help your bird's beak and nails trimmed naturally

Product Description

Size adjustable(28" max) 15“ 15” 11“ 8.3”
Material Indestructible metal Natural wood Indestructible metal Indestructible metal Indestructible metal

Do you care about your bird's health? The overwhelming majority of pet owners say yes. However, the life of a bird kept in a cage is dull and monotonous, which is not good for its health. We need to create fresh environment or fun for them on a regular basis, such as changing different types of perches, buying new toys and so on.

If you agree with this and care about your bird's health, then this new product is perfect for you. This perch looks exquisite, and the use of all-metal material gives it a range of advantages that other materials (wood, cement, etc.) do not have.

If you think this product is quite novel, chances are your bird does too. This is an advantage, that a novel living environment is good for health.

Note: Birds are generally timid animals and it is normal for them to be vigilant or fearful when they first come into contact with this perch. After a while (about 7 days), most birds will be able to adapt.

Small Size

Appropriate for

  • budgies
  • cockatiels
  • conures
  • canaries
  • love birds
  • finches

Medium Size

Appropriate for

  • african greys
  • small cockatoos
  • mini macaws

Large Size

Appropriate for

  • macaws
  • large cockatoos


  • Small:

Length:8.3'' ; Diameter:0.6''

  • Medium:

Length:11.0'' ; Diameter:1.0''

  • Large:

Length:15.0'' ; Diameter:1.4''

Each perch include:

2 x stainless steel washers

1 x stainless wing nut

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