OUTAPEX Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles - 2-Pc Pack Lightweight, Adjustable Hiking or Walking Sticks with EVA Grips, Padded Strap, Quick Adjust Metal Locks, 10 Anti-Shock Rubber Tips for Walking

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  • All-Terrain Trek Poles – Ideal for rugged terrain when walking or hiking outdoors these lightweight trekking poles provide more stabilization on rocks, ice, grass, and other surfaces. Important for safety, speed, pressure relief, and overall balance.
  • Ultralight Carbon Fiber – OUTAPEX folding trekking poles are made with a high-density, yet lightweight carbon fiber that makes them easier to maneuver but provides more strength and resilience when taking on tough off-road areas.
  • Interchangeable Replacement Tips – Our trekking poles carbon fiber sticks also come with 10 additional trekking poles tips which can use for hard or soft surfaces including sand, mud, and snow. And all without restricting control or mobility.
  • Comfortable, Ergonomic Grip – These trekking poles for hiking also feature a firm, non-slip EVA foam grip that’s perfect for helping you balance each time you plant them in the ground. The wrist strap also lets you let go without dropping them.
  • Reduce Load and Weight Capacity – Trek poles help reduce the impact your body faces when you’re on those hard trails and mountainous terrains which can help you go longer and farther than relying solely on your back and body.

Product Description

Hit the Trails with Safety and Confidence by Relying on OUTAPEX Trekking Poles Made for the Great Outdoors

If you love getting out there and tackling new trails you know firsthand that a long hike can get especially tiring when you’re carrying a pack. And without the right assistance it can slow you down, make certain surfaces feel more dangerous, and even cause more stress and strain on the body. We created these OUTAPEX Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles to provide you with better stability and balance no matter how tough the terrain gets, so you can be better prepared to go the next mile, reach the next summit, and enjoy sights people only dream of seeing.

Softer Non-Slip Grip

When you’re sweating and the terrain gets tough it can be easy to lose your grip with standard trekking poles. Ours feature a more supportive EVA grip to ensure you always maintain steady, reliable control.

Quick-Adjust Metal Locks

We made our trekking poles adjustable so you can find the ideal length from your natural arm height to the ground. We also added stronger metal locks to ensure they stay in place even with heavy loads.

All-Terrain Pole Tips

We’re all about taking the road less traveled. That’s why every set of trekking poles also comes with 10 replacement tips you can use for different terrains or weather conditions.

Product Details:

· Ultralight Trekking Poles (2)

· Ergonomic EVA-Foam Grips

· Adjustable Length: 25” to 53”

· Heavy-Duty Quick Locks

· Convenient Wrist Straps

· 10 Replacement Tips Included

Designed for Avid Hikers and Beginners

OUTAPEX trekking poles come in two distinct styles to better fit your hiking needs. These come in different weights, grip options, and colors to support teens and adults alike.

Smart Adjustability

The long, adjustable length of our poles and the quick-secure metal knobs make it easy to set and secure your ideal pole height without worrying about it sliding out of place.

  • Do not exceed the "stop" mark
  • Tighten the knobs before using
  • Turn the screw clockwise until resistance. Then close the lock to tighten the pole

Be Prepared for Every Outdoor Adventure

Here at OUTAPEX we know firsthand that every trail and environment is different which means you need trekking poles that will stand up to every climate no matter the weather. These versatile trek sticks can work on gravel, snow, concrete, mud, sand, and more; just change the tips and get to walking!

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