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Color: Green with Bell
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  • Wonderful Combination: Seagrass bird toys for parakeets consists of wood blocks, cardboard rings, colorful woven cotton rope, takraw balsl, and natural seagrass cushion ladder. Functional and ornamental. All bird toys are made of natural wood and edible coloring. Safe for birds to chew and play.
  • Close to the Natural State: Parrots love to peck, chew, shred, preen and climb. The bird swing toy simulates a large forest in the natural environment, with hammocks as nests, ropes as swaying branches, and wood as trunks and fruits. meet the needs of the natural state.Encourage their ability to climb and nibble.
  • Growing Beaks: Parrotlet toys help parrots grow healthily, and the beaks of birds are constantly growing. Pecking tree fruit is able to keep the bird's beak healthy. Otherwise it will affect the parrot eating. You can also tie cuties' favorite toys to the climb mat for training. This combination design can entertain & exercise as well as satisfy birds' chewing instinct.
  • Easy Installation: The bird intelligence cage toys comes with four detachable hooks to adjust the height at any time, just attach to the top of the cage for easy installation. A nice decor to your little bird cage.
  • Be a happy bird: Cockatiel bird swing toy makes the bird happy and the mood is stretched. No depression, Birds can have fun when you out.

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