Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Net Mesh Face Cover for Insects and Bugs, with Permethrin

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  • Mesh
  • Mosquito head net with multi-filament polyester mesh is soft, comfortable and affords high visibility
  • Multi-filament polyester mesh is soft, comfortable and affords high visibility
  • Very fine hexagonal mesh with 500 holes per square inch provides maximum airflow but keeps bugs out
  • Elasticized draw cord closure ensures optimum fit
  • Wide enough to accommodate a hat (not included), stores compactly in included stuff sack

Product Description

If there is an area with mosquitos, it's better to have them flying around your face than on it. With Sea To Summit's Mosquito Head Net with Insect Sheild, not only are mosquitos deterred by the veil of an insect free zone, but ants, flies, and other creepy crawlers too. The black polyester mesh doesn't hinder visibility, is comfortable on your skin, and allows wonderful airflow. With Insect Shield, you can rest easy and enjoy spending time outdoors, not swatting bugs.

Mosquitos may get everywhere, but they won't get to you. With the Sea To Summit Mosquito Head Net with Insect Shield, bugs won't get to you. Hiking through the woods or napping on the ground, you won't wake up as living bug food.

With Insect Shield, not only do the mosquitos not bother you, but flies, ants and other little nasties stay away as well.

Wear Mosquito Head Net Anywhere

Even without a hat!

Not only can you wear the Mosquito Head Net over most hats, but it can be worn without a hat as well. Enjoy the extra breathing space; the Mosquito Head Net allows a lot of air flow and still keeps the bugs away.

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