Survival Shovel Axe, BANORES Camping Shovel Multifunctional Sets 19.37-38.97Inch Lengthened Handle and Thicken Anti-Rusting Head with Storage Pouch for Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Emergency

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  • All-in-one Multi-Tool: Including shovel, axe, extension handles, hoe, saw, bottle opener, whistle, ice piton and compass. Perfect for digging, chopping, sawing, picking, hammering, and even bottle opening.
  • Thicken & Lightweight Survival Shovel: Enlarged and thickened shovelhead with size is 7.08x6.30 inch. The thickness is 3mm, which is stronger than other camping shovels on the market. Hardness up to 48±. Firm, sturdy and Durable, and no distortion.
  • Tough & Unbreakable Camping Axe – 3CR13 stainless steel camping axe is a mix of chromium and carbon, making it ultra-strong and rust resistant. You can hack off branches, use in self-defense, or break out of a vehicle with this survival axe.
  • Thicken Non-Slip Extension Handles: The handle thickness is 7mm, and made of high carbon steel. It has high strength and wear resistance, which can prevent the surface from rusting, enough to withstand the harshest conditions.
  • Lengthen & Portable Folding Shovel: The shovel is only 9.05 inch when folded, which is lightweight and portable. When extended, the shovel can be up to 38.97 inches meet your any needs. Great for backpacking, camping, off-roading, emergency situations, gardening and more.

Product Description

BANORES Camping Shovel Axe– Ultimate Prepping and Survival Tools!

Having the right equipment to hand is no joke in emergency situations or when out in the wilderness. Your bag-out kit should contain gear that will enable you to survive no matter what.

Folding Shovel&Axe Top Features:

√ Great to have when camping, or off-roading. Compact and collapsible to easily store in your truck, SUV, or any vehicle.

√ All in One Shovel - Shovel Board, Hexagonal Wrench, Saw, Window Breaker, Multitools and More.

√ Compact Folding Design - This shovel folds up into a high quality and super compact tactical waist pack that fits on your belt.

√ Customization Size – Add extension handles to make it 38.97 inches long. This tactical shovel is essential for digging out a deep pit, sanitation holes, or digging your car out if it gets stuck in the snow.

√ Ergonomic Non-Slip handles – Unlike other handles that you have to wrap with additional grippy tape, these handles are designed using non-slip ergonomics, so you always have a strong grip.

BANORES Survival Tools is Your best choice to be Ready for Anything!!

High Alloy Steel Handle Material

BANORES Survival Shovel handles are made of non-slip high-quality aluminum alloy, which has super hardness and not easy to bend. The thickened shovel handle can be used as a leverage to help you complete difficult tasks.

Our Tactical Shovel is only 9.05 inches when folded and weight 5.7 pounds, which is lightweight and carry easily. When fully assembled, it can be up to 38.97 inches long. The 4 section handles configuration meets all your different outdoor needs.


Navigation is one of the most important skills a survivalist can have.Whether you are in a deep forest or in the desert, don’t worry about getting lost. The BANORES compass will tell you where you should go.


Double serrated edge.

Use the serrated side of the portable shovel for sawing through tough terrain like roots, vines, or branches.


The thickened shovelhead is made of 3CR13 stainless steel, with super hardness, strong and not easy to corrode. You can use this folding shovel for anything like digging snow, sand, dirt, mud and more.


When folded at 90 degrees, the folding shovel can be used as a pickaxe to break through snow and ice. Also it can help you to dig and create a small trench.


When fold the shovel head at 45 degrees, it can be used as a hoe to make you pick and clamb a tree more easily and safely.


3CR13 stainless steel camping axe is a mix of chromium and carbon, making it ultra-strong and rust resistant. Make your outdoor work become easily.


Sturdy axe, you can use it to hammer hard stones, or break out of a vehicle with this tactical axe.

Survival Whistle

Scare off wildlife or call for help.

The standard survival whistle design makes the whistle farther and louder.

Broken Window

Suitable for breaking up windows and ice or small rocks in emergencies.

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