Techbee 3-in-1 Multifunction Digital Infinite Repeat Cycle Intermittent Timer Plug for Electrical Outlet, 24 Hour Programmable Indoor Timed Power Switch with Countdown Delay On and Off (120V, 15A)

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  • Multi-Function 24 hours-Time: 24 hours-Time Clocks Mode, 3 daily on-off programs timers, a countdown and turn on/off mode, and a customizable on-off repeat cycle mode, much more versatile than other models
  • Good Helper and Money Saver: help to streamline your daily routines, reduce energy use and save on your energy bills by automatically power your appliances on and off as needed
  • User Friendly Design: large screen for clearer view of digits and numbers; built-in battery to memorize your programs during power outages; completely silent and ideal for home use
  • Protect Your Electronics: countdown and turn off mode can be extremely helpful to limit the charging time for your expensive electronic devices and prolong their service lives
  • Buy with Confidence: V0 fireproof housing plus its child lock function make this timer safe to use and operate; each timer is backed by lifetime support

Product Description

TECHBEE Infinite Repeat Cycle Timer - Example Timers and Corresponding Settings

Hour & Minute Mode

Continuously repeat the cycle 20 mins ON and 2 hrs OFF without stop.

Min interval: 1 minute

Max interval: 23 h 59 mins


- ventilating fans

- hydroponic pumps

Minute & Second Mode

Continuously repeat the cycle 5 sec ON and 2 mins OFF without stop.

Min interval: 1 second

Max interval: 59 mins 59 sec


- sprinklers

- fish air pumps

Interval Cycle Per Day

Turn the device 5 sec ON and 10 sec OFF from 16:00 to 18:00 every day.

Min interval: 1 second

Max interval: 59 mins 59 sec


- festive lights

- watering pumps

Interval Cycle Per Hour

Timer repeats the cycle 30 mins ON and 1 hour OFF within the next 9 hrs.

min interval: 1 min; max interval: 23 h 59 mins

Max duration: 99 h 59 mins


- humidifiers

- space heaters

Applications for Repeat Cycle Timers

For Example

1. Set your humidifier to run for 2 minutes and then off for 5 minutes and repeat for the most appropriate humidity.

2. Set your space heater to repeat the cycle "30 minutes on and 5 minutes off" and stop working after 10 hours to avoid overheating your room.

3. Set your fish air pump to repeat the cycle "10 seconds on and 10 seconds off" to ensure your fish have enough oxygen while saving energy.

More Features

3 Daily ON-OFF Timer

With this feature, you can set up to 3 daily ON-OFF programs; each program will repeat once every day. For example, you can use this timer to reboot your router by setting it to go off at 2:00 am and come back on at 2:05 am. The adjustable time is from 1 minute to 23 h 59 mins.

Countdown and Turn OFF/ON Timer

You can set your curling iron to turn off after 30 mins to avoid fire risks just in case you may forget to turn it off. Or you can set your bedroom fan to turn off after 1 hour to prevent yourself from catching a cold. The adjustable time is from 1 minute to 23 h 59 mins.

Ideal For Home Use

The traditional mechanical timer tends to become increasingly noisy as time goes by. But this digital timer is completely silent, which does not bother you while you are sleeping or learning.

To Avoid Inconvenience Caused by Returns, PLEASE NOTE:

What's in the Package?

1 x TECHBEE timer plug

1 x User Manual

Safety Information

Make sure not to overload the timer(1800W,120V, 15A). We suggest plugging the timer directly into a wall socket and then plug your appliance directly into the timer. If you have to use an extension cord, please do not overload the extension cord either.

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