Trailbuddy 6-Piece Pack Replacement Rubber Tips for Trekking Poles - Threaded Screw-On Pole Tip Protectors Fits Most Standard Hiking Poles - 11Mm Hole Diameter - Shock Absorbing, Adds Grip & Traction

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  • THREADED FOR STRONGER HOLD - These rubber tips have threads inside them, they're screwed on for a better hold and less risk of losing tips
  • STANDARD SIZE - these trekking pole tips have a hole with a diameter of 11mm or 0.43in and are designed to provide a snug fit for most brands of trekking poles
  • ADDS EXTRA GRIP - Use on hard surfaces liked paved trails, roads, sidewalks, or rocky terrain and feel the additional traction from the tips to help prevent slipping and improve stability
  • PROTECTS POLES AND ENVIRONMENT - These tip protectors prevent premature wearing of metal tips and are also easy on the environment as they minimize terrain scarring and prevent damage to nature
  • EMBEDDED METAL WASHERS - Increase the lifespan of the rubber tips by adding an extra metal layer that prevents the metal tip from poking through the rubber

You asked, we listened!
Say goodbye to losing rubber tips while out on the trail! We are happy to offer replacement screw-on replacement rubber tips with threads compatible with the new version of TrailBuddy Gear Trekking Poles with Threaded Tips! These threaded tips screw on to your poles for a better hold.

What are rubber tips for?
Rubber tips serve many purposes, among them are:

1. They help get an extra grip especially when on flat or rocky surfaces - this is crucial so you can avoid slipping and gives the user added stability. Bare metal tips tend to slide along the surface.

2. Rubber tips protect the metal tips so you don't have to wear your carbide tips prematurely, plus they also absorb some of the shock that goes onto your poles.

3. Bare metal tips can leave marks, holes, and scars on the terrain and can even cause injury to living things. Rubber tips help minimize environmental damage.

4. Bare metal tips can be quite noisy when used on rocky or paved surfaces. Rubber tips are more quiet on the rocks and help silence the clacking of the poles .

Why do you need to get extra rubber tips?
Rubber tips are usually the first to go when using trekking poles. Why? Since they have direct contact with the surface you walk on, they wear and tear, and can also become loose and may slide off. It is important to always carry a few spare ones in case you lose one.

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TrailBuddy Gear offers replacement rubber tips in an affordable pack of six pieces so your poles are always covered. Each piece has treads on the bottom for increased traction and a metal washer embedded inside the hole to prevent the metal tip from poking through the rubber. Get yours now!

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