UCGG Solar Wall Light Outdoor, 650Lm IP65 Waterproof Type 2 Optical Lens 64 LED Dual Color Temperature 3-Mode Lighting Wall Light with Remote Control, PIR Motion Sensor and USB Charging

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  • ▶Upgraded Unique Design: By using high quality type 2 optical lens, decrease light loss and increase brightness. Built-in PIR motion sensor, when people approach and pass, the sensor will catch motion and do response. You can turn on/off the solar light or change mode by pressing the button on the light body or using remote. With a unique shape that looks like a whale tail, our solar outdoor wall lights provide bright light.
  • ▶Color Temperatures and Remote: Our solar wall light has color temperatures selection, lighting color is switchable by the remote. You can choose between warm and cold color. The remote control range is within 5-8 meters. To use the remote control for the first time, please remove the transparent insulating paper and press the "on/off" button on the lamp to activate the remote control.
  • ▶IP65 Waterproof: This solar wall light is made of high-strength ABS with high-quality solar panels, IP65 waterproof, it can continue to work even in rainy days, especially for outdoor use. No extra electricity cost, save money and bring convenience for you.
  • ▶Fast Charging and Long Time Battery: Our 1050Lm 104 LED solar wall lights use polycrystalline silicon solar photovoltaic panel, High solar energy conversion, to be fully charged in only 5-6 hours. Up to 6 hours of illumination time under emergency mode. You can Aslo Charge by the USB cable.
  • ▶3 Work Mode: 3 mode of lighting will meet your demand. While change mode, the wall light will blink twice. 1st mode: when pass or stay, the wall light will shine bright light on daytime/nighttime. The wall light will be off after leaving the area 20 seconds. 2nd mode: On night, when pass or stay, the wall light will still shine bright light. The wall light will decrease brightness after leaving the area 20 seconds. 3rd mode: On night, the wall light will remain slightly bright till the battery down. Our wall light also has emergency mode, by pressing button 5 seconds. It will keep lighting till the battery down.

installation: 1. First, put the perforation paper on the wall where you need to install the solar wall light, and punch the holes on the wall according to the position of the holes indicated on the paper. 2. Insert the expansion plug; screw the stainless steel self-tapping screws into the plug, do not tighten all the way in, leaving a distance of 5-8mm outside. 3. Hang the disassembled solar wall light on the reserved screws, press the light down first, then push it to the left, and the installation is completed. 4. recommended installation height of 3-3.5 meters, solar lamps need to be installed in a sunny location, so that the solar panels can absorb more solar energy. Note: 1. This is a solar wall light and needs to be installed in a sunny place so that it can absorb more solar energy and store electricity during the day. 2. Please note that the duration of the solar wall light will vary slightly depending on the length of sunlight and the weather. 3. If there is too much dust accumulated on the solar panel, the solar wall light may automatically sense the light during the day. 4. The built-in intelligent control IC chip has protection functions for battery overcharge and overdischarge. 5. The built-in lithium battery is designed to be replaced; if needed, please contact your local seller to purchase regular batteries and replace them under guidance. 6. If the battery is newly replaced, please use a 5V DC charger to charge for more than 2 hours, or put it in the sunlight and use solar energy to charge for 8-10 hours before installing it. 7. Do not disassemble the wall light for non-professionals to avoid damage to the solar light and unknown function errors. 8. Please make sure the solar wall light is away from strong acid, strong alkali environment. 9. Solar wall lamp built-in lithium battery, please do not throw away the product, need to be sorted before recycling the lithium battery, so as not to cause environmental pollution.

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