Unit Pack Power Official(2-5 Days Delivery) - 72V / 48V / 52V 28.8Ah / 24Ah / 20Ah Electric Bike Lithinum Battery for Bafang Voilamart AW Ancheer and Other(W/Charger & BMS Board

Style: 48V 20Ah(0-1800W)/3A Charger/Xt60
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  • 【Lithinum Battery Parameter】72V 19.2AH(100% Real Capacity) , LG4800mAH Cell, suitable for 1000w 1200W 1500w 1800W 2000W 3000W (200-3000W) motor. Max Constant Discharge Current: 40A, Charger: 84V 4A. Discharge connector: XT60 (Famale and Male)
  • 【Fast Delivery】Ship from Unit Pack Power USA warehouse, 2-5 days fast delivery
  • 【New Ungrade Function】This triangle ebike battery Add Power Switch, Battery Level Display function. With IP65 patent private mold hard plastic triangle case.
  • 【Safety& Long Life time】Life cycle exceeds 1000 times; High quality electric cells and built-in a BMS protective plate, prevent over charge, over discharge, over current and short circuit and ensure the long life expectancy.
  • 【18 Monthes Warranty&Lifetime technical support】If the product has any problem, please contact seller, we have after service centres in USA. we will have professional people to solve your problem. 🔆 Quality Problem Free return, Repair & Resend & Refund.

Product Description

This is the only authorised store of Unit Pack Power on - -- 2 Month Return Support

Unit Pack Power Official (2 Month Return Support) ---Order from official store, ensure get a quality product &After Sales Support


------- Our lithium-ion eBike battery can fit most motor kits, for example: Bafang Voilamart AW Tongsheng, but not include these four: Bosch, SHIMANO, Yamaha, Panasonic. Best choice for adult electric mountain bike, commute ebike, hybrid bicycle, e trike, fat tire bike and so on. Apply for different ridings, you can enjoy your jouney!

------- Perfect fit Juiced Bikes Scrambler // Rad Rover, replacement li-ion battery for extend the range, Increase speed.

2 Month Return Support - - - This product is fufilled by seller, not , if you need return the product, please communicate with seller ( uppbetter @ 163.com) but not contact .

Important Tips:

---- To full charge the battery, please turn on the battery while charging.

--- Perfect fit Juiced Bikes Scrambler // Rad Rover, replacement li-ion battery for extend the range, Increase speed.

--- Choose 4A Fasy Charger, full charge your battery within 6 hrs.

Select a suitable paramter for your kit(Selection button under the main image)

  • If you prefer other discharge connector, such as XT90, T Plug, pls contact seller after order


  • What is the difference between 4A and 2.5A Charger?

The biggest difference is the charging time( 4A charger full charge

your battery within 6 hurs, 2.5A chargerfull charge your battery

within 9 hrs.)


48V 52V 72V Electric Bike Battery 20AH 24AH 28.8AH Ebike Battery Pack, Replacement Battery for 200W-2000W Bafang Voilamart AW Ancheer and Other Motor

Customized :

If you prefer other discharge connector, such as Xt60, XT90, T Plug, pls ask for it from seller after order(uppbetter @ 163. com)

Important Tips:

  • In order to full charge the battery, please turn on the battery while charging.
  • Connect: red cable is posietive (+ ) port and black cable is negative(-) port, not touch each other;
  • Please test the ebike battery range after full charge, because in order Safety on Transport, factory charge only 40-50% power for the battery.
  • The battery is not allowed to be close to high-temperature heat sources, suggest to keep store in temperature range 0℃~45℃.
  • When battery not use for long time, store it in a cool and dry place, and charge it per 2 month.

Power Switch/ Charge Port

Power Switch: press it and turn on and off.

Charge Port: XLR 3Pins charge port, charging current can't exceed 5amp.

Velco Straps

The ebikebattery is designed with 10 pcs velco straps, you can easily install the battery on your electric bike

Battery level light

Press it and will show the power level. and than will light off after 2-3 second, this is normal

Shock-resistant Shell

Our ebike battery case is made of strong ABS, shock-restant, not easily damaged

48V 20AH 200-1000W(Anderson)&48V 20Ah 200-1800W/XT60(2-5Days Delivery)

  • Max Constant Discharge Current: 30A/50A( BMS)
  • Apply for: 200-1000W Motor/200-1800W Motor
  • Charger : 54.6V2.5A/4A
  • Battery Cell: G2500mAH Cell
  • Discharge: Anderson/XT60)
  • Battery Weight: 6.4Kg
  • Arrival time: 2-5 Days Delivery


52V 20AH 200-1000W(Anderon)&52V 20AH 200-1500W&200-2000W/XT60(2-5Days Delivery)

  • Max Constant Discharge Current: 30A&40A&50A( BMS)
  • Apply for: 200-1000W&200-1500W&200-2000W Motor
  • Charger : 58.8V 3A/4A
  • Battery Cell: G2500mAH Cell
  • Discharge: Anderson/XT60
  • Battery Weight: 6.8Kg
  • Arrival time: 2-5 Days Delivery


52V 28.8Ah 0-2000W&48V 28.8Ah 200-1500W(2-5Days Delivery)

  • Max Constant Discharge Current:40A( BMS)
  • Apply for: 0-2000W/200-1500W
  • Charger : 4A
  • Battery Cell: LG4800mAh Cells
  • Discharge: Xt60 (Male&Female)
  • Battery Weight: 6.98Kg/6.56kg
  • Arrival time: 2-5 Days Delivery


72V 19.2Ah 0-2000W(2-5Days Delivery)

  • Max Constant Discharge Current: 60A( BMS)
  • Apply for: 0-3000W Motor
  • Charger : 84V 4A
  • Battery Cell: LG4800mAH Cell
  • Discharge: XT60
  • Battery Weight: 6.7Kg
  • Arrival time: 2-5 Days Delivery


Get More Information About Lithium Battery:

  • 1. About shipment: Please ignore the delivery Estimate date in system, this product is fufilled by seller, not , We ship from USA warehouse via Fedex , package delivered within 2-5 business days.
  • 2.The best stability and consistency of Chinese 18650 batteries is 2000-2600mah, other larger capacity cells but cheap are B/C Grade Cells, B/C Grade cell problems are not obvious at the beginning,but for long time use is waste money.
  • 3.Pls look at the number of strings and parallels of the battery pack , and also capacity of a single cell . (E.g : it writes "7P each ,each cell is 2500mah ", but the title writes " 48V 20Ah ", that must be deceiving consumers , because 7*2.5=17.5Ah )
  • 4.Welding process of the battery pack decide whether a company's is professional-- Good battery welding should be neat electric weld , clearly designed routing direction . A good welding process will improve battery performance and safety. Rough craftsmanship will bring many hidden dangers.
Avaliable Voltage 36V/48V/52V 36V/48V/52V 72V/60V/36V/48V/52V 36V/48V/52V 52V/48V/36V
Avaliable Capacity 20Ah/15Ah/13Ah 13Ah/15Ah/20Ah 20Ah/25Ah 13Ah/15Ah/20Ah 20Ah/18Ah/15Ah/13Ah
Battery Cell G2500 Cell/LG 21700 Cell G2500 Cell G2500 Cell G2500 Cell/Tesl 21700 Cell G2500 Cell
Apply for Motor 200-1000W/200-1500W 200-1000W/200-1500W 200-1000W/200-2500W 200-1000W/200-1500W 200-1000W/200-1500W
BMS 20A/30A/40A 20A/30A/40A/50A 30A/40A/50A 30A/40A/50A 20A/30A/40A
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