Valley Farms Super Deluxe Wild Bird Food - the Ultimate Wild Bird Seed Mix (15 LBS)

Size: 4 Pound (Pack of 1)
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  • 🐤 Packed with over 50% Black Oil & Striped Sunflower seeds that birds love
  • ❤️ Shelled Peanuts & Peanut Hearts are favorites with all birds
  • 🐤 No vitamin gimmicks or useless nutrients added, only accurately selected highest quality wild bird food
  • ❤️ Love your birds with feeders for song sparrows, titmice or ground feeding cardinals
  • 🗽 Proudly Family owned and Operated with Quality -- Support America's Small Businesses

If you are searching for the best, well rounded, high quality wild bird food blend, then Valley Farms Super Deluxe Wild Bird Food is for your backyard birds! Super Deluxe offers an accurately selected blend of high quality natural seed for all types of birds at an unbeatable price. With over 40% minimum Black Oil Sunflower Seed contained, birds will flock to your feeding station or ground feeding areas. This mix has it all, even cranberries and assorted mixed nuts like walnuts! Ingredients: Black Oil & Striped Sunflower Seed, White Millet, Safflower Seed, Whole Peanut Kernels, Sunflower Hearts, Nyjer Seed, Tree Nuts including chopped walnuts, Raisins, & Cranberries. This blend is a fresh wild bird food product, story in a cool, dry place and use fresh product as it is a perishable product. *Feeders shown in pictures are not included.*All blends and seed vacuumed cleaned for optimum cleanliness and to reduce dust & debris.

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