Water Gear All Neoprene Force Gloves

Color: MEDIUM (8"x4.5")
Size: MEDIUM (8"x4.5")
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  • Zipper closure with lock for secure fit.
  • Neoprene palm/backing for better grip.
  • All neoprene construction for max life.
  • Webbed hand for exercises & swimming.
  • Increases hand resistance by 50%.

Product Description

Water Gear, Inc. was created with the goal of providing the avid water enthusiast with the best quality equipment at the most reasonable amount. With a line of over 250 items including goggles, caps, pool games, snorkels and aqua aerobics equipment, you know that you can count on Water Gear to provide you with everything you need for aqua fitness, swim training and fun! Water Gear, Inc. was born, making fitness and fun available to all! Water Gear products are designed to make your aquatic experience rewarding and fun. Our aqua aerobics gear is preferred at pools all across the US. Look for our Water Runner belt, Force Gloves and Resistance Bells at your pool! We have a full range of competitive training gear, an extensive line of aqua aerobics gear and fun recreational equipment to choose from. Wherever there’s water you’ll be sure to find a Water Gear product that fits your needs!

Water Gear All Neoprene Force Gloves

Water Gear All Neoprene Force Gloves are durable fingerless all-neoprene gloves that form a webbed hand for the most comfortable resistance available during aqua aerobics, pulling power use for swimming, surfing, or just for having fun. All neoprene fabric so they don't tear or create holes. Solid and durable stitching so it won't fall apart. Pool weights are a great way to get exercise without the over-burden stress you receive using weights in a gym. As we get older our joints and bones become more susceptible to wear and tear. Pair our gloves for water with our water weights for pool exercise are great tools for stress management. Our gloves and water dumbbells build strength and health, excellent cardio exercise for adults and teens. Water weights for water aerobics are a great way to de-stress and soak up the rays while getting your daily exercise.

Perfect For Swimming Exercise

The pool is the perfect place to improve your endurance level. The water's natural resistance against your movements results in a higher intensity workout than you would get on land.

Endurance exercises are great for flushing the tissues and conditioning the body. These exercises will train you to have longer, more effective workouts.

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