Wild Finch Mix Wild Bird Food -Super Clean Seed for Outdoor Finch Feeder - 15 LBS

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  • 🐤 Seeds that Wild Finches Love; including Golden Finch Millet, Canary seed & Nyjer, All Favorites of Finches
  • 🏡 For use with Wild Finch Feeders ONLY, designed with smaller feeding holes to attract the vibrant Finch
  • ❤️ Look for the brightly colored male to stand guard while the female Finch eats!
  • 🐤 The American Gold Finch, Purple Finch, Redpoll will be among the cute songful visitors
  • 🗽 Valley Farms Proudly Family owned and Operated with Quality -- Support America's Small Businesses

Welcome the joyous American Goldfinch song and colorful plumage of Purple Finches, plus Pine Siskins or cute Redpolls to your backyard. This specialty mix from Valley Farms caters to the small beaked wild birds. A wild bird feeder with smaller openings will be the best choice for attracting the lovable, yet discerning Finches. Expect to see the Gold Finch, House Finch, Purple Finch, among the species attracted to these ingredients which include thistle or Nyjer seed, canary seed, Golden German Finch Millet, fine Sunflower chips or hearts. These are all naturally mini sized seeds which are perfect for cute Finches! Birds you may see include: the american goldfinch, house finch, purple finch, mouning dove (ground feeder) pine siskin, common & hoary redpoll, dark eyed junco, indigo bunting, song sparrows, towhees, California Quail and chickadees. Year - round consumption by wild birds with a slightly less consumption rate during late summer & early autumn due to the abundance of naturally occurring seed which wild birds will forage for during these times as well. Feeders can still be frequently visited however during this time. Feed the birds and enjoy nature!

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