Wild Harvest Chewable Perch, 1.76 Ounce, Activity Toy and Treat for Cockatiels and Parakeets

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  • FOR COCKATIELS & PARAKEETS: Ideal for cockatiels and parakeets.
  • 3-IN-1 CHEWABLE PERCH: Acts as a perch, chew and exercise toy.
  • PROMOTES GOOD HEALTH: Promotes good health by keeping your bird’s beak and nails trimmed.
  • DAILY STIMULATION: Provides daily stimulation for your feathered friend.
  • ATTACHES TO CAGE: This great accessory easily attaches to any cage.

Wild Harvest bird and small animal products offer a full assortment of nutrition and interactive engagement products for your daily bird and small animal needs. We’re committed to providing your birds and small pets with a complete diet containing the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need for a happy, healthy life. Cockatiels, parakeets and other caged birds are always looking for new ways of interacting with you and with the world around them. Wild Harvest Chewable Perch is 100 percent edible and is designed to provide hours of interactive enjoyment for your pet bird. The unique 3-in-1 design is a perch, a chew and an exercise toy that will provide small birds with a variety of fun activities, and promote a happy and healthy environment. Wild Harvest Chewable Perch includes a bracket for easy and secure mounting to any wire cage, and will keep your feathered friend occupied for hours. With its natural wood look, it makes the perfect accessory for your small birds’ home! Pet birds are infinitely curious and very social, so they need a lot of time and attention. They also require daily mental stimulation to not only keep them happy but also to prevent frustration, boredom and inactivity.

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