WINSEE Cat Harness and Leash Set Escape Proof Safe Cat Vest Harness for Walking Outdoor Reflective Adjustable Soft Mesh Pet Harness Easy Control Breathable Jacket for Small Medium Large Cats

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Color: Pink
Size: S:Neck 9-18"|Chest 13-22"
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  • 【S Size Reference, Leash Included】Neck Girth: 9-18 Inches; Chest Girth: 13-22 Inches. Please measure your cat carefully and refer to the size chart before purchase. If your cat is between sizes, please choose the smaller size. Package includes: 1x Cat Harness and 1x 59 inches Nylon Walking Leash.
  • 【Escape Proof Cat Vest】This kitten harness has an adjustable strap on the both sides of cat's shoulders and chest. It allows a just-right fit and a more secure closure during outdoor adventures. Also use-friendly for flexible growing cats. (Tips: The harness should be snug enough for you to fit one finger between the straps and any part of your cat's body).
  • 【Comfortable Outdoor Harness】This kitty harness is made of air-mesh fabric, which is lightweight and breathable, suits for all seasons. Padded edges and soft vest to keep your cat from injuries and provide extra comfort and protection.
  • 【Reflective & Better Control】 High reflective straps on the back and chest to ensure good visibility and safety when walking at low-light conditions. A sturdy D-ring on the back can attach to leash to avoid uncontrolled running of cats. Great cat outdoor set for walking, hiking, travel, training with your furry friend.
  • 【Easy to wear】Do you hate to put the vest on the cat's head and pushing it in, or feel crazy about the cumbersome taking off? Our cat harness is connected by quick-release buckles on both sides of the neck and chest, which can be split into 2 parts. It is very easy and quick to take on-and-off with 4 buckles.

Product Description

WINSEE Escape Proof Cat Harness & Leash Set

Gone are the days of cats laying around the house. Some outgoing cats want to be active with their families to explore the amazing world, walking, traveling or hiking outdoors. If you don't want your cat to squirm out easily and escape from a collar, a harness and leash set is the best fit for your cat to start with. WINSEE provides a newly updated kitten vest harness set, safe and comfort for cat all day fit, escape-proof design make cat cool.

2 Sizes Available:

1. XS: Designed for Extra Small Cats -- Neck Girth: 8"-15”, Chest Girth: 11” - 18”

2. S: Designed for Small Cats -- Neck Girth: 9” - 18”, Chest Girth: 13” - 22”

* Please Note: When measuring, please take your cat's girth measurement snug enough for you to fit one finger between the measurement and any part of your cat's body

Newly Upgraded! VS Old Version

  • With 4 safety quick-release buckles on the both sides of shoulders and chest, it's easier to put on and off than pushing kitty's head through a hole.
  • With 4 extended adjustment straps, it can adapt to wider sizes, especially for growing kitten and ensure extra-secure closure from escape comparing with the step-in vest harness.
  • With a FREE 59" leash, it's convenient to take control of walking your cat to explore the great nature safely and enjoyable.
  • 360° reflective strips surround both chest and back of a cat providing good visibility at night.
  • Made of soft and breathable padded air-mesh, which gives cat a soft hug, and reduce kitty's anxiety.

Feature Details

Warm Tips Before Walking

1. Set the new harness near your cat’s favorite area before she gets used to wearing a harness.

2. Reward your cat some treats and praise her when putting on the harness, taking care to notice whether she’s showing signs of anxiety. If your cat shows any behavior that indicates the wearing experience is uncomfortable, reassure your cat and try to distract him/her with food or toys. Take the harness off if your cat keeps feeling unpleasant - you can always try again later. Never force your cat to wear the harness, because your cat may form a really bad association with the harness or even get injured.

3. Once your cat is comfortable dressed in the harness, clip on the leash and let her walk around indoors.

4. If your cat seems relaxed with indoor walks on lead, try it outdoors. For her first time outdoors, carry her outside and set her down in a safe and relatively quiet place, such as a fenced backyard. Make sure to leave the door open so she can retreat inside if she gets scared.

Step 1

Split the cat harness into 2 parts.

1. Spread the bottom part and move cat on it.

2. Take the top part on the kitty's back, the shorter side is neck.

Step 2

Fasten the buckles on the both sides of the chest and neck, connect the top part with the bottom part.

Step 3

Adjust 4 straps to snugly fit cat's body with one finger space left, or cat may slip out with a loose fit.

* Adjust a fixed harness size for your cat at the first time, then you needn't adjust frequently until the cat grows up.

Step 4

Attach the leash to the metal D-ring on the back then enjoy a walk with kitten.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Category Dog Collar/Cat Collar Dog Collar/Cat Collar Dog Harnes Dog Harnes Dog Harnes Dog Harnes
Size M: Width 1", Neck Size 14-22" L: Width 1", Neck Size 18-26" S:Chest Girth: 15.7"-22", Belly Length: 7.4"-9" M:Chest Girth: 22.4"-31.4", Belly Length: 9.8"-12.6" L:Chest Girth: 27.0"-36.6", Belly Length: 10.8"-14.6" XL:Chest Girth: 31.4"-43.3", Belly Length: 13.1"-16.5"
Color Reflective Orange Reflective Green Black Black Black Black
Material Nylon+Metal Nylon+Metal POM+Metal POM+Metal POM+Metal POM+Metal
Buckle 1 Quick Buckle 1 Quick Buckle 1 Quick Buckle 1 Quick Buckle 1 Quick Buckle 1 Quick Buckle
Wearing Way Buckle Up Buckle Up Step-in and Back Buckle Step-in and Back Buckle Step-in and Back Buckle Step-in and Back Buckle

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